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New PDF release: Yi Jing

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By Jing Nuan Wu

ISBN-10: 0967327202

ISBN-13: 9780967327204

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Thirdly, it appears that this was an ea rly standard list (or one of them) and that it does present a faithful picture of these currents of scripture (srotas) at an early stage of their development, as the following discussion will hopefully establish. In the Mrgendragama we find that the Saivagama is divided into five major currents and eight secondary ones. Unfortunately, the reference is very concise; even so it supplies us with a num ber of facts. Here it is: The currents [are as follows]: the Upper [current consists of the Agamas] starting with Kamika.

The sick man must then think that he is one with G aruda and so be cured. A bhinavagupta declares that a man who identifies with G aruda is freed from the effects of poison,217 thus confirming that these, or similar, techniques were known to Agamic Saivites. Sometimes this process of identification involves long and elaborate visualizations. An interesting example is a practice G aruda himself is said to have taught to Kasyapa. It is outlined in chapter 197 of the Garuda­ purana, The adept first visualizes the five elements in the form of symbolic figures (mandala) of various shapes and colours.

27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 35 Ghosanam Ghoram NUasancaram Durm ukham Bhimangam D am araravam Bhimam Vetalam ardanam Ucchusmam Vamam Kapalam Bhairavam Puspam Advayam Tri^iram (Trisirobhairavam) Ekapadam SiddhayogeSvaram Pancam rtam Prapancam Yoginljalasambaram Vi^vavikantham Jhankaram Tilakodyanabhairava This list is im portant for several reasons. m Thus this list furnishes an ante quem for these works which can be ascertained with reasonable accuracy. M oreover, it is the only list we know of at present in which the Daksiriatantras are related to those of the Siddhanta in the basic five-fold scheme and in which all the Agamas are clearly enumerated.

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Yi Jing by Jing Nuan Wu

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