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Worked problems in applied mathematics by Nikolai Nikolaevich Lebedev PDF

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By Nikolai Nikolaevich Lebedev

ISBN-10: 0486637301

ISBN-13: 9780486637303

Difficulties and solutions most unlikely to discover in the other unmarried resource. subject matters comprise steady-state harmonic oscillations, the Fourier approach, and the eigenfunction technique for fixing inhomogeneous difficulties. extra complicated difficulties care for necessary transforms, curvilinear coordinates, and vital equations. particular solutions.

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Mathematics is an extremely satisfying subject. Solving a difficult problem in mathematics or logic can be rewarding and give a high beyond most people’s imagination. This book will teach you how. Each section has a number of examples. Try them, rather than just read them through. You will find the examples are not difficult, and it is by trying them that you will really learn the strategies and principles and you will be really motivated. It is only by trying the examples that you will discover how easy the methods really are.

82 (answer) An easy way to double-check our answer would be to approximate. 5. 5. The answer should be somewhere between 1 and 2, not 20 or 200. This tells us our decimal point is in the right place. Let’s try another. 6 × 97 = We write the problem down as it is, but call the numbers 96 and 97. Where do we put the decimal point? How many digits follow the decimal point in the problem? One. That’s how many digits follow the decimal point in the answer. 2 (answer) To place the decimal point, we count the total number of digits following the decimal points in both numbers we are multiplying.

This would also give them 47. Some would do the problem the same way they would using pencil and paper. This way they have to carry and borrow figures in their heads. This is probably the most difficult way to solve the problem. Remember: The easiest way to solve a problem is also the fastest, with the least chance of making a mistake. Most people find the easiest way to subtract 9 is to take away 10, then add 1 to the answer. The easiest way to subtract 8 is to take away 10, then add 2 to the answer; and to subtract 7 is to take away 10, then add 3 to the answer.

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Worked problems in applied mathematics by Nikolai Nikolaevich Lebedev

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