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By Martin Wihoda

ISBN-10: 9004250492

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This publication provide a biography of a key East critical ecu ruler, Vladislaus Henry, who governed the Margraviate of Moravia from 1198 to 1222 and, in cooperation together with his brother, King Přemysl Otakar I of Bohemia, used to be excited by the transformation of the Holy Roman Empire right into a unfastened union of Princes.
The research additionally describes the winning modernisation of Moravia and Bohemia in the course of the thirteenth century, and displays at the beginnings of the politically emancipated group of the Moravians, which was once outlined by means of land values. The paintings hence attracts consciousness to a formerly neglected measurement of the eu center a long time, together with the background of not just states and international locations but additionally of lands.

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5 C DB I, 301. 6 Nevertheless, it appears that the writer had something else in mind: namely, to draw attention to the piety of the margrave, who had thus honoured the fallen on both sides. Serious reservations about Vladislaus’ alleged presence at the Loděnice battlefield, which are further amplified by the first reliable mention from 1187, lead to the question of when he was born. 7 The Thuringian chronicler, however, wrote about the situation in the Czech lands on the margin of another history and cannot be blamed for not having anchored the narration in time.

37 A much more sophisticated and dangerous game was opened by the duke of Bohemia. Vincentius claims (and there is no reason not to believe him) that Vladislaus concluded the agreement only in his name and on his behalf and thus bypassed the leaders. At the same time, however, he had to anticipate that, without their support, he would bring only a fragment of the expected forces to Lombardy. These fears began to come true after the general diet was convoked at the beginning of 1158. 38 In Vincentius’ account, it seems as if the diet discussed only the dange­ rous expedition beyond the ridges of the Alps the whole time.

353; 198–203, No. 356; 205–206, No. 358; 208–210, No. 360; 237–239, No. 374; 312–314, No. 424; 408–409, No. 489; 412–414, No. 491; 420–421, No. 495; 473–475, No. 531; MGH DF I (X/3), 3–7, No. 546; 30–32, No. 563; 73–75, No. 594. 34 Cronica Reinhardsbrunnensis, MGH SS XXX/1, 532; Historia brevis principum Thuringiae, MGH SS XXIV, 822. 35 Genealogia Wettinensis, MGH SS XXIII, 229; Teige 1884, cols 315–318. 20 CHAPTER 2 Ulrich’s position among Barbarossa’s advisors should not be belittled, but he does not seem to have been responsible for the fall of the second kingdom of Bohemia.

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