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The Social Problem of Men: Final Report : Volume 2 by Jeff Hearn, Keith Pringle PDF

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By Jeff Hearn, Keith Pringle

ISBN-10: 9289475617

ISBN-13: 9789289475617

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35 Appendix 6: National Reports on Law and Policy Appendix 6A: Key Points from the National Reports on Law and Policy Estonia: 1. The drafting of Equality Act is being prepared by Bureau of Equality between Women and Men in the Ministry of Social Affairs, and then passed on to the Government;Current legislation is written in gender-neutral language. Preferences made in any spheres on the basis of sex are illegal. 2. ) with current legislation, however, it is a strong belief that the new Equality Act will assist in solving these problems of men.

2. In 1986, the government created a Male Role Committee to look into and create debate about men within an equal status perspective. The Committee which existed until 1991 made a survey of men’s attitudes and conditions through broad cooperation among feminist and other researchers. This was the first nationwide representative study trying to map the factors behind men’s variable support and resistance to gender equality, including violence in the family of origin, bullying, friendship, private life and work relations.

This national report has coincided with an initiative on a new Family Act in which the idea of the paternity leave is introduced and the necessity to struggle with family violence is stated. Both documents mainly deal with the issues of men and women in home, health and work. Family is defined as a reproductive heterosexual partnership for securing the economic and social “body” of the society. Neither document contains the language of differences - sexual, ethnic or racial. It is considered that the issues of ethnicity and cultural differences are to be solved through the policy developments in ethnic and social integration to overcome the ethnopolitical division of the Latvian society.

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The Social Problem of Men: Final Report : Volume 2 by Jeff Hearn, Keith Pringle

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