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By Helmut Hoffman

ISBN-10: 0313211205

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And later on the influx of peoples which so disturbed the peaceful life of the Ganges continent both politicaI\y and spiritually flowed in through the same way. Alexander the Great and his suc­ cessors the Greek kings of Eastern Iran marched along the same roads, and were followed by inner-asiatic peoples like the Saka, the Kushan and the Hephthalites. And finally came the Mo- PADMASAMBHAVA AND PADMAISM 5' hammedan conquerors to whom me Buddhism of India, already internally decayed, now succumbed.

According to Chinese reports, I the Tibetans of those days had only a very primitive method of recording their thoughts namely by means of knotted strings. The king therefore sent his chief minister, Thon-mi Sambhot:l, to the neighbouring State of Kashmir in order that under the tutelage of Buddhist monks he should learn the Indian written characters which were in use there. The Tibetan historian Pad-rna dkar-po, who is in agree­ ment on the point with the older historian Bu-ston, describes the incident as follows;2 'As at that timc there was no written lang­ uage in Tibet, the king sent Thon-mi, son of A-nu, an embodi­ ment oftheBodhisattva Manjushri, named Sambhot3, to Kashmir to learn the letters there.

Schaeder which are excellent as gener:ll introductions to Ihestudy ofManicJueanism, 'Urform und Fort­ bildungen des nunichaischen Systems', Utlum ,{ I"t WII�hrl Lilwuy 191+-5, Leipzig 1927, and 'OtT Minichiiismu5 nach neucn Fundcn und Forschungcn' n i },flll'ltflfuJ, Vol. 28, (Oriental Contribution. to Ihe Idea of Salvation). The most imponant summary of recent limes is Henri-CharJes Pum, u Mllnid"jS1/lt, Paris 1949. 52 THE RELIGIONS OF TIBET faciitated l the penetration of Manichaeanism everywhere and favoured the spread of syncretism.

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