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New PDF release: The Mammalian Preimplantation Embryo: Regulation of Growth

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By John D. Biggers (auth.), Barry D. Bavister (eds.)

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With a number of awesome exceptions, mammalian preimplantation embryos grown in vitro are inclined to express sub-optimal or retarded improvement. this can be manifested in several methods, looking on the species and at the stage(s) of embryonic improvement which are being tested. for instance, bovine embryos frequently adventure trouble in cleaving below in vitro stipulations, and customarily stop improvement at concerning the 8-cell level (Wright and Bondioli, 1981). The block to improvement is stage-dependent; embryos cultured for twenty-four hr from the I-cell level are even more in a position to constructing into potential blastocysts after move to oviducts than embryos cultured for twenty-four hr from the 4-cell level ahead of move (Eyestone et oz.. , 1985). related issues of in vitro embryo improvement are encountered in different species. Pig embryos should be grown as much as the 4-cell degree in vitro yet often no additional (Davis and Day, 1978). within the golden hamster, within the rat and in lots of outbred traces of mice, improvement of zygotes in vitro is blocked on the 2-cell level (Yanagimachi and Chang, 1964; Whittingham, 1975). regardless of a few inbred mouse traces, embryo improvement is decreased if very early cleavage levels are used because the place to begin for in vitro tradition (Spielmann et oz.. , 1980). a standard discovering is that embryos grown in vitro have decreased cellphone counts (Harlow and Quinn, 1982; Kane, 1985) and their viability is decreased (Bowman and McLaren, 1970; Papaioannou and Ebert, 1986) in comparison to similar developmental phases recovered from mated animals.

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Spectrin distribution was observed to be non-polarized with the spectrin organized in a continuous peripheral layer in each blastomere. 4. Membrane Polarity A variety of fluorescent lectins and antibodies have been used to demonstrate the dramatic transformation of the plasma membrane of the 8-cell blastomere termed "polarization". While the cells of the early 8-cell embryo bind these agents uniformly over their surfaces, blastomeres of the late 8-cell embryo display a highly polarized staining pattern with the most intense fluorescence restricted to a single outward facing pole on each cell (Handyside, 1980; Reeve and Ziomek, 1981).

EKane and Foote (1970); Naglee et al. (1969). b Ham established that a marked change in the nutritive requirements of the rabbit blastocyst occurs at the time of blastocyst formation. 5. CONCLUSION As we look at the history of the development of methods for the culture of early mammalian embryos, it becomes clear that a continuous thread often connects the work of one laboratory with another. Investigators have indeed stood on each others' shoulders. The coupling of the technique for the culture of pre implantation embryos with the technique of embryo transfer has paved the way for the exploration of many new areas of pure and applied research in experimental mammalian embryology, as predicted by Biggers and McLaren (1958).

1975, Cell shape and membrane changes in the eight-cell mouse embryo: prerequisites for morphogenesis of the blastocyst, Dev. BioI. 45: 231-250. , 1959, Amino acid metabolism in mammalian cell cultures, Science 130: 432-437. , 1943, Production of malignancy in vitro. IV. The mouse fibroblast PIONEERING EMBRYO CULTURE 19 cultures and changes seen in the living cells, J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 4: 165-212. , 1964, Cleavage of one- and two-celled rabbit eggs in vitro after removal of the zona pellucida, J.

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