The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo: A by Instaread PDF

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By Instaread

ISBN-10: 1943427046

ISBN-13: 9781943427048

Within this Instaread of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:

Key Takeaways of the book,

Introduction to the $64000 humans within the book,

Analysis of the foremost Takeaways

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62 One of his few criticism of the play is that it does not bring this point out clearly enough, that is, that Clotaldo's struggle is really with himself. Heiberg's other apocalyptic drama A Soul After Death was to meet with equal acclaim from Martensen. It first appeared in a volume entitled New Poems (1841) and concerns the adventures of a newlydeceased soul, a member of the Copenhagen petit-bourgeoisie. He 24 Kierkegaard: The Aesthetic and the Religious makes his way to Heaven (as his family and the clergyman are sure he will), but things don't tum out as expected.

52 Pride of place in the table of aesthetic genres (even taking precedence over Heiberg's beloved vaudeville) belonged to what he called 'speculative drama'. Poetry, Heiberg asserts, 'is in its highest development speculative ... '. 53 We have already noted his respect for such speculative poets as Dante, Calder6n and Goethe, but he was also prepared to make his own efforts in this direction, notably in the 'speculative comedies' Fata Morgana and A Soul After Death. The latter was not, strictly speaking, a stage play but a play for reading (although it was staged in 1891), but Fata Morgana proved to be a theatrical fiasco.

You are Queen of Illusion; therein lies your strength- is it not so? And since I was bound heart and soul to illusion's world - because love had entrapped me by its power, as had poetry too - you believe that I am yours eternally and can never free myself. But your thinking is mistaken; your understanding does not understand that over against the false there stands the true, the divine appearance. MORGANA: Idealism and the Justification of the Image 21 Your visions borrow their truth from earthly nature, from the transient being which lies behind the wall of actuality; mine take their truth from the Spirit, which has impressed its image in the day in order to lead it back to the light in which it was [heretofore].

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