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By Bruce R. Reichenbach

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An exam of the legislation of karma approached as a philosophical thesis vital in its personal correct and as a unifying suggestion inside of convinced religious-philosophical structures. the writer comprises rules expressed within the twentieth century in addition to these present in classical Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism.

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Second, whereas according to the law of universal causation the production of effects does not 24 The Laws of Karma and Causation 25 depend on the intentions of the agent (except as they are causally related to actions) but on his action, the karmic relation depends upon both. As we have seen, it is held that actions which are not performed out of desire for their fruits have no karmic consequences, even though they have causal consequences. Third, according to the law of karma like causes produce like effects.

Eliot Deutsch has argued that the law of karma is a convenient fiction. This, he says, means that the law of karma is indemonstrable and hence cannot be shown to be either true or falseP If this is all he means by the term 'fiction', it would be clearer to say simply that the law of karma is indemonstrable, a thesis which is not in dispute. However, at one point he states that to assert the doctrine 'as a literal truth [describing relations between lives] would involve an unjustified extrapolation from a limited phenomenal fact'.

Such laws are necessary de re. 30 That is, they are necessary truths which possess empirical content. The causal law, for example, can be held to be a universal and necessary truth which explains certain features of reality. It does more than encourage us to look for causes when we have an effect without an apparent cause. It has empirical import in that it describes an aspect of the world: every event or contingent being has a cause. And we look for the cause because we believe that in the world necessarily all events have a cause.

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