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Download PDF by J.G. Macqueen: The Hittites: And Their Contemporaries in Asia Minor

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By J.G. Macqueen

ISBN-10: 0500021082

ISBN-13: 9780500021088

Appearing the following in an up to date paperback version for the 1st time, J. G. Macqueen's research of the Hittites used to be hailed by way of reviewers in its unique booklet as "stimulating" and "outstanding."

The Hittites have been an Indo-European talking those who confirmed a country in Anatolia (modern Turkey) nearly 4,000 years in the past. They rose to develop into one of many maximum powers of the traditional center jap global via conquering Babylon and tough the facility of the Egyptian Pharaoh Rameses II on the conflict of Quadesh. They themselves have been destroyed within the wake of pursuits of the enigmatic Sea peoples round 1180 BC. This research investigates the origins of the Hittites, the resources of the metals that have been so important to their luck and their courting with contemporaries within the Aegean international, the Trojans and the Mycenaean Greeks. It comprises descriptions of excavations, fairly on the temples and nice protective ramparts of the Hittite capital at Hattusas. 149 illustrations

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We can only guess, 22 for no Hittite monarch ever gives any hint of economic motives in attacking, making a treaty with, or otherwise seeking to influence another country. It has been suggested that this route too was a tin-route, 32 leading through the Balkans and eventually to the rich resources of Bohemia. And that leads us directly to the vexed question of the source, or sources, of the tin which was widely used in the manufacture of bronze in ancient Anatolia. In considering this question, already touched on in chapter 1, one must take into account evidence from the Early and Middle Bronze Ages as well as the Hittite period.

Only the 'Anittas-text', which deals with the deeds of the kings of Kussara, refers to events earlier than this, and it may in fact be an Old Kingdom translation into Hittite. Even if it was originally written in Hittite at a time contemporary with the events it describes, back only to about 1780 bc. The period immediately preceding this, from about 1940 to 1780, is amply documented from the records of the Assyrian merchant-colonists. These records frequently this takes us contain names of native Anatolians, and for study has been made many years an intensive of these names with a view to tracing the first scholarly opinion was inclined to names with an Indo-European etymology were languages spoken at the time.

The evidence for the original 'homeland' of the Indo-European languages seems to be overwhelmingly against a situation in Anatolia, and this means that speakers of an Indo-European language must have entered Anatolia at some time and from some other area. But from what area? And at what time? On the first point there is now fairly general agreement that the linguistic evidence points to an Indo-European 'homeland' somewhere in the area that stretches from the lower Danube along the north shore of the Black Sea to the northern foot-hills of the Caucasus.

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