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The History of India, 2nd Edition by John McLeod PDF

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By John McLeod

ISBN-10: 1610697650

ISBN-13: 9781610697651

This available, narrative account follows Indian heritage over its 9,000 12 months trajectory, from the traditional Harappans to at the present time, emphasizing occasions and problems with the twentieth and twenty first centuries.

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Meanwhile, foreign merchants brought other religions to India. Whatever the truth of a legend that the Apostle Thomas preached in India, we know that by the sixth century there were Christians in Kerala on the southwest coast. A thousand years later, the Portuguese converted many Hindus on the west coast (especially in Goa) to Roman Catholicism, and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries Protestant missionaries made further converts, especially in northeastern India. 3 percent of the population.

Pdf. 2 The Birth of India THE HARAPPANS For thousands of years, the only humans in India lived in small bands that wandered about in quest of food. Then, around 7000 BCE, some of these hunters and gatherers learned to domesticate animals and grow crops, and settled down in permanent villages in what is now the province of Balochistan in western Pakistan. The herdsmen and peasants were gradually joined by craftsmen, including potters, weavers, and jewelers. The most important craftsmen of all were toolmakers, who after 4300 BCE began to make tools out of copper, alongside the stone that had been used since the arrival of humans in the subcontinent.

Bindusara probably conquered territory in the vast Deccan plateau of peninsular India (the modern states of The Birth of India 23 Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh). He died about 272 BCE. The next king was his son Ashoka, one of greatest monarchs in the history of India. Thanks to the conquests of previous kings of Magadha, Ashoka ruled a huge empire, extending from Afghanistan to Karnataka, and from Gujarat to Kalinga on the Bay of Bengal, even if he did not (as is sometimes said) rule the whole subcontinent.

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The History of India, 2nd Edition by John McLeod

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