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The Direct Path: A User Guide by Greg Goode PDF

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By Greg Goode

ISBN-10: 1908664029

ISBN-13: 9781908664020

Have you performed nondual inquiry and acknowledged to your self, "I are aware of it intellectually yet i do not consider it. it is not my experience!" if that is so, The Direct course may be for you. This publication is the "missing guide" to the Direct course. For the 1st time in print, Direct-Path inquiry is gifted from commencing to finish and past, in a "user-friendly" approach. The middle of the booklet is a collection of forty experiments designed to aid dissolve the commonest nondual sticking issues from basic to refined. The experiments hide the realm, the physique, the brain, summary items and witnessing wisdom. you're taken step-by-step from the easy conception of a actual item the entire method to the cave in of the witness into natural awareness. Your "take-away" is that there is no experiential doubt that you simply and all issues are expertise, openness and love. additionally integrated are 3 tables of contents, illustrations, an index, and a piece on educating and the concept of a "post-nondual realization." This ebook can be used by itself or as a spouse quantity to the author's status as know-how.

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These things are naturally expected to happen to objects. So if we are an object, it is inevitable to think that these things will happen to us. But awareness, our true nature, isn’t limited, personal, impermanent or temporary. It is THAT to which objects (even universes) appear. It is THAT in which they arise and fall. The person is an object, so the person comes and goes. Awareness can’t come and go since it is THAT to which coming-and-going appears! There is no fear or suffering here. Your investigation into your direct experience will reveal that all these objects aren’t really objects anyway, but that they have been awareness all along.

If none of these are around, you can use something from the kitchen, such as a metal serving tray, a mixing bowl or a coffee cup. For the striker, you can use a wooden chopstick or a spoon. If you can find a friend to strike the “bell” for you, this will make it easier for you to focus on hearing without moving your body or involving other senses. But you can do it by yourself if you cannot conveniently find someone to assist. The experiment can still work. The Experiment – Begin with the Heart Opener so that you get a taste of being the open clear spaciousness of awareness.

By reading and using this book, you agree not to redistribute the material found therein, unless appropriate rights have been granted. We shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of or in any way connected with your reading or use of this book. By reading and using this book, you fully agree to these terms. Who Is This Book For? This book is for anyone who encounters a sticking point in their inquiry. That topic may well be covered here. In fact, most of the topics were included because they have been questions raised in people’s inquiry.

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