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By Mark Gimenez

ISBN-10: 0307278158

ISBN-13: 9780307278159

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N July four, 2000, 3 younger Asian-American males from Seattle took a highway journey to the lodge city of Ocean beaches, Washington. At a gasoline station mini-mart, they encoun-tered sev-eral white skinheads, who begun menacing them by means of shouting racial epithets. Trapped within the mini-mart, the five-foot-six, one hundred twenty five pound Minh Hong grabbed paring knives and filled them into his jacket pocket.

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"Preaching Bondage introduces and investigates the radical notion of doulology, the discourse of slavery, within the homilies of John Chrysostom, to figure out the way it formed early Christianity. The dynamics of slavery in Chrysostom's theology, advantage ethics, and biblical interpretation are tested, displaying that slavery as a metaphorical and theological build had a profound impact at the lives of institutional slaves.

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Scott Fenney had found that he possessed the necessary skills to excel at three games in life: football, golf, and lawyering. FOUR FIVE O’CLOCK. The end of another day of crisis, conflict, and confrontation. A lawyer’s life. It isn’t for everyone, or even every lawyer. Lawyering either gets into your blood, or it doesn’t. If you don’t wake up itching for a fight, if you shy away from personal confrontation, if you’re not the competitive type, if you don’t possess the intestinal fortitude to go mano a mano with a famous plaintiffs’ lawyer and beat him at his own game, then the manly sport of lawyering just isn’t for you.

Texas myths were many, but one was no myth: the most gorgeous girls in the world were found in Texas. Dallas, Texas. Girls like her, they graduate from high school or maybe junior college, and from small towns all across Texas they head straight to Dallas like moths to light. They come for the jobs, they come for the nightlife, they come for the single men making lots of money, the kind of money that buys big homes and fancy cars and fashionable clothes and glittery jewelry guaranteed to bring a smile to any Texas girl’s face.

Scott was hoping this one would be no different. ” The news took the breath out of Dan. He fell back in his chair. ” Scott threw up his hands. “Because I gave my goddamn Atticus Finch speech at the bar luncheon! ” Dan ran his hands over his smooth skull. “This is not good. Not good at all. We can’t afford to piss off the next president, and we sure as hell can’t afford to piss off Buford. Goddamn murder case, why isn’t it in state court? ” State court judges in Texas were always amenable to a call from a powerful partner in a big law firm because state court judges are elected on campaign contributions from big law firms.

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