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The Bells of Russia: History and Technology by Edward V Williams PDF

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By Edward V Williams

ISBN-10: 0691091315

ISBN-13: 9780691091310

This generously illustrated e-book files the tale of Russia's bells--the hundreds of thousands of awe inspiring tools that gave voice to the visible splendors of Russian Orthodoxy and to the political aspirations of the tsars.

Originally released in 1986.

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Miniature from a Life of St. Sergej: Greeting the saint, who calls for a hand bilo to be struck to assemble the monks of the Holy Trinity Monastery (later the Trinity-Sergius Lavra). From a MS. in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, f. 173v, pub­ lished in G. A. Uvarov, "Bilo" (Materialy dlia arkheologicheskago slovaria), Drevnosti: Trudy Moskovskago arkheologicheskago obshchestva 2 (1870), 5. The use of bila or klepala was still reported, sometimes with bells, at the end of the fourteenth century. "61 Slightly later Epiphanius the Wise writes in his vita of St.

Semantra were being made from iron as early as the fifth or sixth century;44 today metal semantra are still being struck at foundations on Mt. Athos. Like their wooden counterparts, metal semantra can be either small or large. A small one—a short bar of iron about 10 to 12 inches long and 3 to 4 inches wide—is usually suspended from a rope, which the player holds in his right hand while he strikes the iron bar with a metal hammer in his left (figure 13). Larger metal semantra are stationary, suspended on chains, and struck with an iron ham­ mer or sometimes by two.

But by that time bells and bell ringing in the Orthodox East had found their true home in Russia. From Thebes, Sinai, Jerusalem, and Constantinople, the voices of trum­ pets and the rhythmic speech of semantra were to be amplified a thousandfold in the bell ringing that swept Russia on the great church feasts before 1917. As raucous blasts from silver hazozeroth had sig­ naled prostrations of worshippers in the Temple at Jerusalem, so centuries later would choruses of un­ tuned bells accompany prostrations of the faithful in the churches of Moscow and St.

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