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By H. Bücker (auth.), Percival D. McCormack, Charles E. Swenberg, Horst Bücker (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461288592

ISBN-13: 9781461288596

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The gray scale code is displayed to the right of the pictures. Small holes (data gaps) in the maps occur because the satellite orbit is synchronized with the Earth's rotation resulting in incomplete coverage of all 10 by 10 bins. The maps provide information on the particle populations producing the high energy deposits which will be discussed below. ) scattered count rates occur at all locations. This means that the highest LET particles might be expected any place in an 840 km orbit but the highest probability is in the region of the SAA, where it is proton dominated.

1 "". . •. o~", tONGlTunF, IOF(';nHSI Figure 28. rld Map Contour. 01 Total Dose: Shield Thickness = 2 gm I em 2 No significant variations between solar· maximum and solar· minimum conditions are predicted by the models in the geostationary domain. Particle fluxes from solar flares are heavily attenuated by the geomagnetic field, which prevents their penetration to low orbital altitudes and inclinations. For a 500 km, 30° inclination orbit the attenuation is nearly total, while in a 500 km 57° inclination orbit, some penetration occurs.

4. Transport Shielding. and Doses A. Variables Affecting Dose Evaluations The external radiation environment is filtered and attenuated by the spacecraft structure. The resulting internal radiation field defines the dose level received by various radiation-sensitive parts and systems or humans. Obtaining estimates of the dose on a given target in space is a complex process involving several variables that directly affect the results of dose calculations. Table 7 lists some of these variables, while Table 8 shows in detail the functional dependence of dose on specific missionrelated parameters that are characteristic of radiation exposures in the magnetosphere.

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