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N July four, 2000, 3 younger Asian-American males from Seattle took a highway journey to the hotel city of Ocean shorelines, Washington. At a gasoline station mini-mart, they encoun-tered sev-eral white skinheads, who all started menacing them by means of shouting racial epithets. Trapped within the mini-mart, the five-foot-six, a hundred twenty five pound Minh Hong grabbed paring knives and crammed them into his jacket pocket.

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"Preaching Bondage introduces and investigates the radical suggestion of doulology, the discourse of slavery, within the homilies of John Chrysostom, to figure out the way it formed early Christianity. The dynamics of slavery in Chrysostom's theology, advantage ethics, and biblical interpretation are tested, displaying that slavery as a metaphorical and theological build had a profound influence at the lives of institutional slaves.

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And so it goes. An extended description of each level without the cumulative level structure follows. To minimize the chance of getting lost in these details, it may help to remember that the essence of Levels I and IV is human decency, just as the essence of Levels II and III is holistic self-development, two core values of TPSR. Level I Level I, respect for the rights and feelings of others, is intended to provide a psychologically and physically safe place for students, to respect their right to participate without being hassled, and to confront those who need to deal with issues of self-control and respect.

Level I becomes respect for others’ rights and feelings without much participation in the lesson’s activities (and without self-direction or caring about others). Students at Level I show minimal social responsibility by not being disruptive but little personal responsibility (assuming participation is a worthwhile and not contraindicated educational experience). Level II describes a participant who participates under supervision, is cooperative, and respects other kids’ rights and feelings. Level III represents someone who is respectful, participates, and is 34 ··· Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Through Physical Activity Level IV, Caring Students at Level IV, in addition to respecting others, participating, and being selfdirected, are motivated to extend their sense of responsibility beyond themselves by cooperating, giving support, showing concern, and helping.

Captured the essence of empowerment: Choices determine our quality of life. You get to choose: how to treat other people, how much you’ll learn, how you’ll handle adversity, your character—the kind of person you’ll become. It’s an inside job. (p. 2) I would add only that circumstances, including socialization and peer pressure, enhance or restrict an individual’s ability to choose. With effort and guidance some hurdles can be overcome, as the resiliency literature demonstrates. But freedom of choice is not unrestrained.

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