Download e-book for kindle: Supernatural: One Year Gone by Rebecca Dessertine

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By Rebecca Dessertine

ISBN-10: 0857680994

ISBN-13: 9780857680990

Dean believes that Sam is in Hell so he's attempting to hold his promise to his brother and stay a regular dwell with Lisa and Ben.

When he realizes spell within the Necronomicon may possibly increase Lucifer and accordingly Sam, he convinces his new family members to commute with him on holiday to Salem. 

Meanwhile Sam isn't as far-off as Dean thinks and is decided to guard his brother from the Salem witches...

A Supernatural novel that unearths the untold occasions of the lacking yr among seasons five and six!

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I believe this is exactly what the initiates of the old Pagan Mystery Cults experienced and precisely what Gerald Gardner, the father of modern Witchcraft, had in mind with the contemporary expression of Wicca (I use the terms Wicca and Witchcraft interchangeably). My early encounter with practical magick was via the casting of spells learned from a man who had spent years living with the 36 Sabbat wine of the Witches Spanish Gypsies. Marc de Pascale had published his collection of Gypsy sorcery under the title Book of Spells.

The decision to attend the coven on that night was to change my life beyond recognition and lead me to experiences I never knew existed. Suddenly I was in a world of dance, drumming and trance. When I arrived at that first meeting, it was to a darkened house marked only by candles at the doorstep. The doorknocker was a horned goat’s head, like something out of a horror flick. Inside, the 28 When magickal things begin to happen house was filled with remarkable decorations, candelabra and occult bric-a-brac the likes of which I had never seen.

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