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New PDF release: Slavery in the Arab World

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By Murray Gordon

ISBN-10: 0941533301

ISBN-13: 9780941533300

...a entire portrait of slavery within the Islamic international from earliest occasions until eventually today...D>--Arab e-book global

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This phasing-out of one source of slaves and introducing another was noted by Gibbon in his classic history of the Roman empire: "But when the principle nations of Europe, Asia and Africa were united under the laws of one sovereign, the source of foreign supplies flowed with much less abundance, and the Romans were reduced to The Attitude of Islam 23 the milder but more tedious method of propagation. In their numerous families, and particularly in their country estates, they encouraged the marriage of their slaves.

Prisoners taken in such conflicts could, in the view of the Koran, be enslaved. While the jurisconsults of the law differed over the details of enslavement by war, certain principal ways were observed on how this would actually take place. Unbelievers captured in battle were generally offered the choice of em­ bracing Islam, paying a tax and retaining their religion and property or fighting to the death. There were, in addition to these choices, three other options that Muslim conquerors could invoke against a vanquished enemy.

Plainly, there was no contradiction The Attitude of Islam 43 between being a devout Muslim and a slave-owning one as well. Emanicipation did not result only from the procedures that have already been described. It also was provided for in the laws relating to concubinage, which was an inseparable part of slavery. A Muslim was strictly forbidden from marrying his slave. There was absolute incompatability between ownership and marriage. A Muslim, however, was free to acquire as many concubines as his purse allowed.

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Slavery in the Arab World by Murray Gordon

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