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Singing Krishna: Sound Becomes Sight in Paramanand's Poetry - download pdf or read online

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By A. Whitney Sanford

ISBN-10: 0791473953

ISBN-13: 9780791473955

Introduces Paramânand, certainly one of India's poet-saints, his paintings, and this work's use in ritual.

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Yaśodā serves dinner to Krishna, Balarām, and Nanda. She takes care to prepare delicacies that appeal to Krishna’s tastes, so he will eat. Śayan (bedtime). Yaśodā puts Krishna to sleep for the night. According to the aesthetic of the līlā, Yaśodā assumes Krishna Paramānand’s Poetic World 27 to be asleep all night in his bed. Krishna, however, sneaks out of the house to meet with the gopīs. Many poems specify Rādhā as the chief recipient of his affections, while others are less specific. When Krishna plays with Rādhā, Rādhā’s sakhīs (girl friends) attend them by making this romantic meeting possible.

Evocation from memory), although the two can appear to be similar. In the latter, one stimulus leads to another. For example, feeling a cooling breeze might evoke the scent of fresh flowers, which, in turn, could evoke the remembered sight of Krishna picking flowers; these evoked memories are not synaesthesia themselves. Similarly, the mention of a tree might lodge that image in a devotee’s mind, yet that is memory or imagination. ”11 Entwistle’s “confusion” seems to be more a case of evocation through memory than a form of synaesthesia.

Achāp, the poet’s name on the signature line guaranteed the “truth” of the poetry and the weight of the tradition associated with that poet. t. achāp and their poetry became institutionalized in ritual service as mediators of this darśan: these poets see the līlā, and poetry becomes the appropriate vehicle for expressing and communicating their sight. The poet himself has played with Krishna, both as a gopa and as a gopī. Paramānand’s poetry brings devotees into this realm by offering them his lived experience of Krishna’s līlā.

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Singing Krishna: Sound Becomes Sight in Paramanand's Poetry by A. Whitney Sanford

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