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By P. Slodowy

ISBN-10: 3540100261

ISBN-13: 9783540100263

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Thus algebra evolved into the study of mathematical systems which have many of the properties of the “ordinary” number system. What is a mathematical system? Using the terms from our dictionary (and relying heavily upon our intuition) we define the term as it is used in this book. 12. A mathematical system S is a set S = {E, O, A} where E is a nonempty set of elements, O is a set of relations and operations on E, and A is a set of axioms concerning the elements of E and O. The elements of E are called the elements of the system.

If s ∈ T, then s ∈ S ∩ T; if s T, then s ∈ S – T. 1 we conclude from (1) and (2) that There are many other theorems about sets which involve only the ideas which we have already discussed. , but others require careful thought. We now consider a theorem which illustrates another type of statement and its method of proof. 7. If S and T are sets, then S – T and T – S differ in general. The meaning of this statement is that the two sets S – T and T – S are not always equal. In other words there are some sets S and T such that S – T and T – S are not equal.

The assumption of the understanding of the meaning of membership and the Axiom of Extent), is a concrete system. In this system we defined two binary operations by defining two rules of combination, union and intersection, and we proved (with the student’s help) that these two operations are commutative and that each is distributive over the other. Also we know that the subsets R and ∅, which are elements of E, are elements such that, for each x ∈ E, and R ∅ since R is nonempty. , an example of the abstract concept of a Boolean ring).

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