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Sikhism and Christianity: A Comparative Study by W Owen & Sambhi, P S Cole PDF

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By W Owen & Sambhi, P S Cole

ISBN-10: 0333541073

ISBN-13: 9780333541074

ISBN-10: 1349230499

ISBN-13: 9781349230495

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You wash it, worship it, offer it saffron, sandalwood and flowers. You fall at its feet seeking to propitiate it. But you beg men for what you wear and eat! (AG 1240) Unlike Isaiah's smith, who made the idol and then bowed to it, the pandit (the word can mean wise man) did not seem to believe in the idol to the point of taking its ability to sustain him seriously! God 37 Moses, Aaron, and the prophets condemned any tendencies towards the making of idols which they encountered. One of the most important commandments in the Torah is: You must not make a carved image for yourself, nor the likeness of anything in the heavens above, or on the earth below, or in the waters under the earth.

It means 'primal' and is an implicit claim that the Sikh scriptures were not composed and compiled by men of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries but are the etemal word of God. They stand over against the Vedas as inspired scripture. Sikhs do not reject the Vedas in saying this but they do dismiss Hindu claims for their unique authority. Historical Developments History has affected both children's regard for their parents. The ambivalence of the early Christians so clearly seen in the writings of St Paul, especially in the Letter to the Romans, soon gave way to a condemnation of the Jews.

Whether, after five hundred years of being Punjab-based, the religion will be changed in any significant way by this experience remains to be seen. If there i~, a temptation to make comparisons with the way in which Christianity reacted to its parental religion it must be remembered that by the end of the first century most Christians were probably of non-Jewish origin. The Sikhs of the dispersion are still predominantly Punjabi in origin and outlook. 3 God Christianity and Sikhism are monotheistic religions.

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Sikhism and Christianity: A Comparative Study by W Owen & Sambhi, P S Cole

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