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Schaum's outline of theory and problems of precalculus - download pdf or read online

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By Fred Safier

ISBN-10: 0585267286

ISBN-13: 9780585267289

If you will have best grades and thorough realizing of precalculus, this strong examine instrument is the easiest instruct you could have! It takes you step by step in the course of the topic and provides you greater than six hundred accompanying comparable issues of absolutely labored options. you furthermore may get lots of perform difficulties to do by yourself, operating at your personal velocity. (Answers supplied to teach you ways you are doing.) well-known for his or her readability, wealth of illustrations and examples, and shortage of dreary trivialities, Schaum's Outlines have offered greater than 30 million copies worldwide­­and this consultant will exhibit you why!

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EXAMPLE 5: Solve the equation 3x - 8 = 7x + 9. x from both sides. Add 8 to both sides. Divide both sides by 4. Solution set: {-:I A QUADRATIC EQUATION is one which is in the form ax2 + bx +c = 0 , ( a # 0 )(standard form), or which can be transformed into this form. There are four methods for solving quadratic equations. 1 . FACTORING. If the polynomial ax2 + bx + c has linear factors with rational coefficients, write it in factored form, then apply the zero-factor property that AB = 0 only i f A = O o r B = 0.

Solve: -8 < 2x - 7 5 5 A combined inequality of this type can be solved by isolating the variable in the middle. -8 < 2 ~ 7-5 5 -1 < 2 x 5 12 -$X>-3 7 -;sx<; The solution set is [-:,;). 5. 5"C. To what range in Fahrenheit degrees does this correspond? 5 anduse C = $ ( F - 3 2 ) . 5"F. 6. Solve: x 2 - 8 x ,< 20 Get 0 on the right side, put the left side into factored form, then form a sign diagram. X* - 8~ - 20 I 0 (x - lO)(x + 2) 5 0 The critical points are 10 and -2, where, respectively, x - 10 and x + 2 are zero.

Operations of transforming an inequality into an equivalent inequality include the following: 1 . ADDINGOR SUBTRACTING: The inequalities a < b , a + c < b + c , and a - c c b - c are equivalent, for c any real number. 2. MULTIPLYING OR DIVIDINGBY A POSITIVE NUMBER:The inequalities a < b , ac < b c , and a / c c b / c are equivalent, for c any positive real number. 3. MULTIPLYING OR DIVIDINGBY A NEGATIVENUMBER:The inequalities a < 6 , ac > b c , and a / c > b / c are equivalent, for c any negative real number.

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Schaum's outline of theory and problems of precalculus by Fred Safier

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