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By Eugène Ionesco

In Rhinoceros, as in his previous performs, Ionesco startles audiences with a global that continuously erupts in explosive laughter and nightmare anxiousness. A rhinoceros unexpectedly seems to be in a small city, tramping via its peaceable streets. quickly there are , then 3, until eventually the “movement” is common: a metamorphosis of general electorate into beasts, as they learn how to movement with the days. ultimately, just one guy is still. “I’m the final guy left, and I’m staying that approach until eventually the tip. I’m no longer capitulating!”

Rhinoceros is a statement at the absurdity of the human made tolerable basically by way of self-delusion. It exhibits us the fight of the person to keep up integrity and id on my own in a global the place all others have succumbed to the “beauty” of brute strength, traditional power, and mindlessness.

Includes Rhinoceros, The chief, the longer term Is in Eggs or It Takes every type to Make an international

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