Download e-book for kindle: Resolution of Curve and Surface Singularities: in by K. Kiyek, J.L. Vicente

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By K. Kiyek, J.L. Vicente

ISBN-10: 9048165733

ISBN-13: 9789048165735

The Curves the perspective of Max Noether most likely the oldest references to the matter of solution of singularities are present in Max Noether's works on airplane curves [cf. [148], [149]]. and doubtless the beginning of the matter was once to have a formulation to compute the genus of a aircraft curve. The genus is the main worthwhile birational invariant of a curve in classical projective geometry. It was once lengthy identified that, for a airplane curve of measure n having l m usual singular issues with respective multiplicities ri, i E {1, . . . , m}, the genus p of the curve is given by way of the formulation = (n - l)(n - 2) _ ~ "r. (r. _ 1) P 2 2 L. . ,. •• . in fact, the matter now arises: easy methods to compute the genus of a airplane curve having a few non-ordinary singularities. This results in the average query: do we birationally rework any (singular) airplane curve into one other one having purely traditional singularities? the answer's confident. allow us to provide a style (without proofs) 2 on how Noether did it • to resolve the matter, it's sufficient to think about a unique type of Cremona trans­ formations, specifically quadratic variations of the projective airplane. permit ~ be a linear approach of conics with 3 non-collinear base issues r = {Ao, AI, A }, 2 and take a projective body of the sort {Ao, AI, A ; U}.

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The action of τα on a transversal curve We state a few properties of half-twists. (i) If f : (M, Q) → (M , Q ) is an orientation-preserving homeomorphism of two pairs as above and α is a spanning arc on (M, Q), then f (α) is a spanning arc on (M , Q ) and τf (α) = f τα f −1 ∈ M(M , Q ). This property is obvious. Informally speaking, it says that applying the construction of a half-twist on two copies of the same surface, we obtain two copies of the same homeomorphism. (ii) If two spanning arcs α, α on (M, Q) are isotopic in the class of spanning arcs on (M, Q) (in particular they must have the same endpoints), then τα = τα in M(M, Q).

Here by an isotopy of M (into itself), we mean a continuous family of homeomorphisms {Fs : M → M }s∈I such that F0 = idM : M → M . 1. An isotopy {Fs }s∈I of M is said to be an isotopy of L into L if F1 (L) = L . The links L and L are isotopic if there is an isotopy of L into L . Isotopic geometric links have the same number of components. In other words, the number of components is an isotopy invariant of geometric links. The relation of isotopy is obviously an equivalence relation in the class of geometric links in M .

3. Verify that the map SO(3) → F3 (S 2 ) sending an element g of the special orthogonal group SO(3) to the triple of vectors g(1, 0, 0), g(0, 1, 0), g(0, 0, 1) ∈ S 2 is a homotopy equivalence. Deduce that π1 (F3 (S 2 )) ∼ = Z/2Z and card π1 (C3 (S 2 )) = 12 (for a computation of π1 (Cn (S 2 )) for all n, see [FV62]). 4. Let U ⊂ R2 be an open disk. Prove that the inclusion homomorphism π1 (Cn (U ), q) → π1 (Cn (R2 ), q) is an isomorphism for any q ∈ Cn (U ). 5. Let b be a pure geometric braid in R2 × I and let b be a “subbraid” formed by several strings of b.

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