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Arthur P. Wolf, Robert J. Smith's Religion and Ritual in Chinese Society PDF

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By Arthur P. Wolf, Robert J. Smith

ISBN-10: 0804708584

ISBN-13: 9780804708586

This quantity examines points of faith and formality in China. a number of subject matters are lined together with the sociology of chinese language faith, faith and formality in Lukang, non secular association within the heritage of a Taiwanese city, and village alliance temples in Hong Kong.

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People told me that the founders of these two segments of the lineage were brothers (sons of the same father) who had migrated to Taiwan together and jointly settled the community. Later I acquired a copy of the lineage genealogy and discovered, with the help of Wang Shih-ch'ing, that these "brothers" had as their closest common ancestor a great-great-grandfather. My guess is that lineage genealogies are not revised to conform to the group's perception of itself because they serve many purposes.

Instead, he emphasizes the changed character of the town as a whole: its decline as a commercial and cultural center and the effect this has had on the residents' conception of themselves and their relationships with other communities. The spirit of the argument is that of Clifford Geertz (1972) on the Balinese cockfight rather than that of Meyer Fortes (1949) on Tallensi ancestor worship. The potential inherent in DeGlopper's treatment of ritual as an expression of local culture will be apparent to anyone who compares his account of Lukang with Wang Shih-ch'ing's careful reconstruction of the religious history of Shu-lin.

Clearly, ghosts are the supernatural equivalents of despised, dangerous strangers. And, of course, the ancestors are the senior members of one's own line of descent, the people to whom one is indebted for property, for social status, and for the gift of life. They have the right to be worshipped and are offered food in the form of a meal. " It would be ridiculous to conclude that the Chinese peasant's conception of spiritual beings is nothing more than a reflection of his perspective on society.

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Religion and Ritual in Chinese Society by Arthur P. Wolf, Robert J. Smith

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