New PDF release: Power Sums, Gorenstein Algebras, and Determinantal Loci

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By Anthony Iarrobino, Vassil Kanev (auth.)

ISBN-10: 3540467076

ISBN-13: 9783540467076

ISBN-10: 3540667660

ISBN-13: 9783540667667

This ebook treats the idea of representations of homogeneous polynomials as sums of powers of linear kinds. the 1st chapters are introductory, and concentrate on binary types and Waring's challenge. Then the author's contemporary paintings is gifted more often than not at the illustration of kinds in 3 or extra variables as sums of powers of fairly few linear varieties. The equipment used are drawn from probably unrelated components of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry, together with the theories of determinantal types, of classifying areas of Gorenstein-Artin algebras, and of Hilbert schemes of zero-dimensional subschemes. Of the various concrete examples given, a few are calculated simply by the pc algebra software "Macaulay", illustrating the summary fabric. the ultimate bankruptcy considers open difficulties. This publication should be of curiosity to graduate scholars, starting researchers, and professional experts. Prerequisite is a uncomplicated wisdom of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.

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PROOF. ~j). 31 and its proof show that the fiber of the surjective projection Irl : X ---* P(Rs) over a point [r is the projective space P(_Rj_sr • of dimension s - 1 and consists of points If] where f has a G A D of length < s. Thus X is a smooth irreducible projective variety of dimension 2s - 1. 31 the points of 7r2(X) are the forms of length < s. Part (i). It suffices to verify that P(Ps) is a dense subset of 7r2(X). Let us consider the subset X0 C X consisting of pairs ([r If]) such that r has s distinct linear factors and f has an additive decomposition of length s.

14] the primary decomposition of q in the ring k[Z0,... , Zj] has only minimal associated primes, so in our case there is a unique associated prime ideal, namely p. Thus q is a p-primary ideal. We need a lemma. LEMMA. The scheme V ~ ( j - s , s; 2) is smooth at every closed point f~P~-P~-I. PROOF. Let I = A n n ( f ) C R be the ideal of polynomials apolar to f . 3. 44 Is = kr I j - s = R j - 2 s r hence I s I j - s = R j - 2 s r 2 and d i m k ( I s I j _ s ) • = (j+l)-(j-2s+l)=2s=dimP-~. d. If an irreducible scheme is generically smooth it is generically reduced.

Suppose 2s <_ j + l. Then d i m / ~ = 1, Is = (r and for every integer v with s < v <_ j - s + 1 one has Iv = R ~ - s r iv. The ideal I is generated by two homogeneous polynomials r E Is and ~ E Ij+2-s. Equivalently, the ring A I is a complete intersection of generator degrees s, j + 2 - s. PROOF. 12) for the first half of the t e r m s i _< t. 11) dimk(A/)i = r k C a t f ( j - i,i; 2). Let s' = r k C a t f ( j t , t ; 2 ) . 33. 43 we conclude t h a t t~(f) = s t and for every i with s t _< i, 2i _< j one has r k C a t i ( j - i , i ; 2 ) = s t, while for i smaller t h e n s ~ clearly d i m ( A f ) i = i + 1 <_ s ~ since Ii = 0.

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Power Sums, Gorenstein Algebras, and Determinantal Loci by Anthony Iarrobino, Vassil Kanev (auth.)

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