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By Michelle M. Wright

ISBN-10: 0816687269

ISBN-13: 9780816687268

What does it suggest to be Black? If Blackness isn't organic in beginning yet socially and discursively built, does the that means of Blackness swap over the years and area? In Physics of Blackness: past the center Passage Epistemology, Michelle M. Wright argues that even if we frequently explicitly outline Blackness as a “what,” it in truth consistently operates as a “when” and a “where.”

By placing lay discourses on spacetime from physics into dialog with works on identification from the African Diaspora, Physics of Blackness explores how heart Passage epistemology subverts racist assumptions approximately Blackness, but its linear constitution inhibits the type of inclusive epistemology of Blackness wanted within the twenty-first century. Wright then engages with our bodies usually excluded from modern mainstream attention: Black feminists, Black queers, fresh Black African immigrants to the West, and Blacks whose histories may perhaps weave out and in of the center Passage epistemology yet don't cohere to it.

Physics of Blackness takes the reader on a trip either identified and unfamiliar—from Isaac Newton’s legislation of movement and gravity to the modern politics of diasporic Blackness within the academy, from James Baldwin’s postwar trope of the Eiffel Tower because the website for diasporic encounters to theoretical particle physics’ idea of multiverses and superpositioning, to the just about erased lives of Black African girls in the course of international struggle II. obtainable in its variety, international in its standpoint, and rigorous in its common sense, Physics of Blackness will switch how you examine Blackness.

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23 Because our Western notions of linear time borrow heavily from classical or Newtonian physics, and analyses of Epiphenomenal time are 26 · Introduction currently most extensive in particle or quantum physics, these lay discourses written by science journalists and noted physicists inform my argument but also make clear the disciplinary distinctions. Methodologically and theoretically, this book locates itself at the intersections of poststructuralist and postcolonial theories of identity that use discourse analysis.

Rather than devote her life to the cause of abolition as a Middle Passage Black (as so laudably undertaken in Olaudah Equiano’s, Mary Prince’s, and Frederick Douglass’s narratives, to name just a few), she revels in her devoted service to her “sons” of the British army—­although the primary reason for writing Wonderful Adventures was to exact donations from a patriotic British public to escape penury. The titles of these autobiographies themselves indicate the dominant spacetimes each author uses: Equiano and Douglass with “narrative,” Prince with “history,” and Seacole with “adventures”—­the latter suggesting that the textual structure will foreground a series of moments rather than a chronology along which events are causes or effects of one another.

Butler’s Dana returns from her adventure with part of her body left behind (supposedly ensuring her own continuing existence on the linear timeline), but this appears to have been the price she was required to pay to ensure her return to her “normal” spot in the present on the Middle Passage timeline. ” For Veronica does not seek to engage or bond with working men and women, much less the impoverished citizenry, instead seeking out sexual relationships and friendships among society’s socioeconomic elite—­those who, like her, directly benefit from an oppressive military-industrial complex and its neoliberal justifications.

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