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Our Land & Land Policy : Speeches Lectures, and by Henry George PDF

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By Henry George

ISBN-10: 0870135228

ISBN-13: 9780870135224

Even prior to the booklet of growth and Poverty in 1879, San Francisco political economist and writer Henry George (1839-1897) had written broadly approximately what he thought of to be the motives for world wide financial inequity-land monopolization and hypothesis via filthy rich marketers and corrupt politicians. yet his assaults on those evils have been coupled with a plan for a potential brighter destiny, for a world  Read more...

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Give away a few millions of these acres for the building of a railroad and all this land may be used. People will go there to settle, farms will be tilled and towns will arise, and these square miles, now worth nothing, will have a market and a taxable value, while their productions will stream across the continent, making your existing cities still greater and their people still richer; giving freight to your ships and work to your mills:' All this sounds very eloquent to the land-grant man who stands in the lobby waiting for the little bill to go through which is to make him a millionaire, and really convinces him that he is a benefactor of humanity, the Joshua of the hardy settler and the Moses of the downtrodden immigrant.

Neither the Southern Pacific nor the California and Oregon will make any terms with settlers until their lands are surveyed and listed over to them. It is, of course, to their interest to have the Government sections settled first, and to reserve their own land for higher prices after the Government land is gone. 50 per acre; but when one goes to buy good farming land for that price, he finds that it has been sold to the Sacramento Land Company, a convenient corporation, which stands to the company in its land business just as the Contract and Finance Company did in the building of the road.

We have been supposing that land grants secure the consideration for which they are given-the building of roads before they would otherwise be built; but this is far from being always the case. With the exception, perhaps, of the little Stockton and Copperopolis road, the California grants have not hastened the building of railroads, but have actually retarded it, by retarding settlement. The fact is, that in nearly all the cases these land grants are made to men who do not propose, and who have not the means, to build the road.

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Our Land & Land Policy : Speeches Lectures, and Miscellaneous Writings. by Henry George

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