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Download e-book for iPad: Oriental Magic by Idries Shah

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By Idries Shah

ISBN-10: 0525473335

ISBN-13: 9780525473336

Oriental Magic is well-known as an excellent examine of the way, what and why humans imagine, in territories extending from North Africa to Japan. Profusely illustrated, the e-book is the fabricated from years of analysis and field-work in a dozen diversified cultural areas. Its scholarly accuracy and actual contribution to cultural figuring out have made it a key textual content for a person attracted to casual ideals, and esoteric practices. The paintings comprises fabric on Indian alchemy, the Arabian Abjad approach, on divination and talismanic charms, and it even includes an historical Brahmin spell for immortality.

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Royalty, the priesthood and the people were bound inextricably by magic. C. (42)? Two hundred years earlier, the Westcar Papyrus tells us, a miracle identical with the reputed 'parting of the waters' by Moses was performed by the Chief Priest of the day. , that the very name of the land has passed into our language as a synonym for it. Just as the ancient Semitic word imga produced the English term Magic, so one of the oldest names for Egypt (kemtdark, black) came to be translated Black, in place of Egyptian, Magic.

Power, it was held, hid itself from publicity. It was to be obtained only in secrecy, and through secrecy. Similarly, its use was to be secret. Even the teachings themselves were actually weakened by being told to incredulous people: 'knowledge is power-knowledge shared is power lost'. Silence, discretion, faithfulness, these were the hallmarks of the cabbalistic student. All good emanated from one point-which is called God in cabbalism. Equally, all good power was reached and exercised only through this point.

As Bel, it was known as Baal in the Bible-and as Set in Egypt. To the Semitic Babylonians, Mulge was ,Belit, Lord (sometimes as the female Lady) (39) of the Underworld: the Finnish Ilmarinen. This was the ancient Semite god of love and war, the Phoenician Black Stone, the AI-Lat of Arabia, who married her own son, Saturn. She was worshipped and invoked as Ishtar, sometimes called the demon Astaroth, beloved of the sorcerers. Called by the Greeks Aphrodite, this god of many aliases was also known as Tiskhu or Tammuz: "Destroyer of Enemies, Attainer of Desires"-Venus to the Romans, who carried her cult as far as Britain, the bride of Adonis, the ancient god Duzi, and sister of none other than the Accadian Nanki-Gal, "Lady of Hades".

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