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Morphometry of the Placental Exchange Area - download pdf or read online

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By Dr. Rolf Baur (auth.)

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This limitation arises from the fact that in both these cases (horse and pig) the straight smoothing line intersects the x-axis (development age) in the negative domain (positive values of the y-axis intercept a, Table 3, Column 5). This is biologically meaningless because it would mean that a chorionic surface already exists at the time of conception. 2. Growth of the Total Volume Qur findings show that, like the growth rate of the total villous surface area, the growth rate of the total volume (VT) also accelerates up to parturition.

1 c) whereas y now designates the total volume in cm 3 (instead of its cube root). According to our findings, Eq. (4) is applicable for all six species studied, provided it remains limited to the development period covered by the measured data. Extrapolation into the post-natal time is not permissible. 3. Area/Volume Ratio during Development If we plot for the various species studied the values of the total villous surface area (ST) as ordinates against the corresponding values of the total volume (VT) as abscissae, in linear coordinates, we obtain for each species a family of data pOints which can be represented by a smoothing curve convex upwards (Figs.

It follows that, in order for the relative rate of growth of the total villous surface area to accelerate faster than that of the macroscopic chorionic surface area, the surface enlargement due to the villi (surface enlargement factor f) must increase in the course of development. 8. Surface Enlargement Factor The surface enlargement factor f is a measure of the enlargement of the surface area of diffuse placentas due to the villi. If we plot this factor against the development age in linear coordinates, we obtain for each species (horse, pig) a family of data points rising towards the right (Fig.

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Morphometry of the Placental Exchange Area by Dr. Rolf Baur (auth.)

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