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Download e-book for kindle: Locality and Belonging (European Association of Social by Nadia Lovell

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By Nadia Lovell

ISBN-10: 0415182816

ISBN-13: 9780415182812

Locality and Belonging offers a global evaluate of the shut courting among territory and cultural id. the difficulty of 'belonging' has lengthy been well-known as an important to the learn of id inside of anthropology. the following, members from Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, France and the united kingdom current rigorous case reviews of 'belonging' from the united kingdom, South Africa, Argentina, Zanzibar, Amazonia, Indonesia and West Africa. one of the issues explored are:* house, reminiscence and ethnicity* the mnemonic use of items* mythologies of soccer and heritage* use of 'natural positive aspects' of our surroundings* nationhood and post-colonial id making.

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Relationships, rather than objects, are mobilised in these exchanges and often become translucent through the materiality of their expression. However, beyond the obvious manifestations of such relationships through the mobilisation of objects or concepts of origin, what also emerges here in the context of apartheid and northern English communities is the very malleability of such an enterprise, and its direct positioning in the constitution of present history and territorial memory. The dead, mythical landscapes and territories of state The issue of representation takes on new relevance in the context of the workings of the nation-state, with its often globalising attempts at creating hegemoric national identities and cohesive political discourses which seldom coincide with more localised, fragmented and, sometimes, subversive forms of ‘being in the state’.

As in other savannah cultures, it is said that in the underworld at night, the sun follows a subterranean river which carries it back to the east, to appear again at the source of the river in the morning. The life-giving connotations attributed to the upstream direction are reversed for the downstream orientation. In Luunda mourning songs, downstream is invariably associated with sterility, barrenness and death. At ritual purifications, water pacifies and purifies because it carries pollution, illness, misfortune, conflicts and death downstream.

Thereupon, this central person invites a third party to relate his news or voice his opinion, while clapping his hands for the second time. In this way, the conversation moves in a circular manner, each time returning to a central ‘tree-like’ point, the elder, who bridges between the interlocutors and interconnects their words. Colloquy and the exchange of news ‘opens the village’, which was previously ‘closed’. Disputes ‘make a wound in the village tree’, causing the sap to flow away, that is, disrupting the village’s unity.

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Locality and Belonging (European Association of Social Anthroploogists) by Nadia Lovell

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