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By Robert J. Valenza

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Based on lectures given at Claremont McKenna university, this article constitutes a considerable, summary advent to linear algebra. The presentation emphasizes the structural parts over the computational - for instance through connecting matrices to linear variations from the outset - and prepares the coed for additional examine of summary arithmetic. Uniquely between algebra texts at this point, it introduces team thought early within the dialogue, for example of the rigorous improvement of casual axiomatic systems.

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Let Wbe the set of vectors (xw .. ,x) satisfying the equation Then W is a subspace of V. The verification is left as an exercise. Notice that this generalizes to the solution set of any linear equation of the form in n variables. ) 42 3. Vector Spaces and Linear Transfonnations (4) Working within ~O(R), we have a chain of subspaces Here ~n(R) denotes the set of all real-valued functions on R with continuous nth derivative defined everywhere. The required closure properties are familiar from calculus.

2 Group Homomorphisms Let Go and G1 be groups. Then a function rp: Go ~ G 1 is called a homomorphism ojgroups if it satisfies the following condition: DEFINITION. rp(st) = rp(s) rp(t) for all s,tEGO• Note carefully that the implied operations occur in (possibly) different groups, the first in the domain, the second in the codomain. In additive notation, the condition that defines a group homomorphism amounts to rp(s+ t) = rp(s) + rp(t) for all s,tEGO• EXAMPLES (1) Let a be any real number. Then the functionf:R~R defined by j(x)=ax is a homomorphism from the group of real numbers under ordinary addition to itself.

The argument outlined in this exercise is adapted from Paul J. Cohen's classic monograph Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis. 2 Groups and Group Homomorphisms This chapter introduces the notion of an abstract group, one of the fundamental objects of both algebra and geometry and very much at the heart of linear algebra. ) informal axiomatic system. This is a gross deception. The definition distills millennia of mathematical experience. Another theme also emerges: objects are not nearly so interesting in themselves as the relationships they bear to one another.

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