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New PDF release: Lincoln Apostate: The Matson Slave Case

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By Charles R. McKirdy

ISBN-10: 1604739851

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In 1847, in a small rural courthouse in Coles County, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln represented a Kentucky slave proprietor named Robert Matson in his try to recuperate a runaway slave lady and her 4 young children. so much americans, even people with a penchant for the nation's background, have by no means heard of this courtroom case. this can be no accident. Lincoln's involvement within the case has afflicted and bewildered so much scholars and biographers of the "Great Emancipator." in lots of exams, the case conjures up rationalizations and distortions; in others, avoidance and denial. those methods are a disservice to the fellow and to those that search to appreciate him.In Lincoln Apostate: The Matson Slave Case, attorney and historian Charles R. McKirdy digs in the back of the myths and evasions to figure out why Lincoln selected to recommend estate rights grounded in a method that he claimed to abhor and pursue the ongoing enslavement of 5 of its such a lot weak and sympathetic sufferers. In a cautious and readable combination of narrative and research, the e-book reveals the reply within the time and position that was once Lincoln's Illinois in 1847, within the legislation and judicial judgements that supplied the criminal backdrop opposed to which the drama of the Matson case was once performed out, and within the guy that Lincoln was once 13 years ahead of he grew to become president.The dialogue of Lincoln's determination to symbolize Matson and the outline of the trial itself take not anything at face price. the writer examines fundamental and secondary assets for the ribbon of fact shorn of preconceptions and hole justifications. Lincoln Apostate scrutinizes Lincoln's factors for selecting as he did and explores the beliefs and fears of this very complicated guy.

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23 Lincoln may have come closest to showing his feelings through his choice of poetry. He was especially taken with sentimental poems, his favorite being a depressingly maudlin thing by the Scottish poet William Knox entitled “Morality,” which mourns the futility of life. The first passage is representative of the poet’s cheerless view: 34 The Lawyers—Lincoln Oh! why should the spirit of mortal be proud? Like a swift-fleeting meteor, a fast-flying cloud. 26 Behind him, although still part of him, was the uncomfortable youth whose father was an uneducated, hardscrabble farmer, whose mother had died when he was nine, who had only about a year of formal education, who had bumped from one dead-end job to another, and who had failed as a storekeeper in a backwater crossroads hamlet.

51 This may be unfair. Mary was not merely Matson’s housekeeper. She also was Matson’s mistress, or, as historian John J. 52 Moreover, she probably was the mother of at least one of his children. United States census records for Fulton County, Kentucky, where Matson and Mary later moved, indicate that, in 1850, Robert Matson had four children—one three-month-old infant; a boy, twelve; a girl, fourteen; and a girl—Mildred—who was four years old. 53 While it is difficult to say who was the mother of Matson’s two older children, it seems highly likely that Mary Corbin was Mildred Matson’s mother.

By 1860, railroad law was the place to be and Lincoln’s biggest and most frequent client was the Illinois Central Railroad. The company had him on retainer. 87 None of this was true in 1847. 89 Lincoln’s legal business in 1847 far more closely resembled the “ordinary” practice described by recent works. Lincoln had far fewer out-of-state clients in the 1840s and his practice was different from what it became in the subsequent decade. It was largely a difference in degree rather a difference in content.

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