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Pauline C. Lee's Li Zhi, Confucianism, and the Virtue of Desire PDF

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By Pauline C. Lee

ISBN-10: 143843927X

ISBN-13: 9781438439273

ISBN-10: 1438439288

ISBN-13: 9781438439280

A philosophical research of the paintings of 1 of the main iconoclastic thinkers in chinese language background, Li Zhi, whose ethics prized spontaneous expression of real feelings

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Instead, he plays with images, metaphors, classical allusions, and character development and writes in a broad range of literary genres. One effect of using such diverse forms of writing is that the range of Li’s writings engage different capacities significant to living a good life: rational calculation, sensitivity to a wide range of feelings, or a subtle understanding of a given tradition, and with nuance engages different readers whose various moral capacities are developed to different degrees.

I do so by giving a close textual analysis of one of Li’s well-known essays, “A Sketch of Zhuowu” (Zhuowu lunlüe 卓吾論略). By employing the approach of close reading, I seek to give the reader an appreciation of the deep and self-conscious manner in which Li skillfully manipulates genre, words, and quotes from classical texts. ” In particular I examine the ways in which Li adopts, amends, and subverts conceptions of the proper life journey as presented by earlier thinkers, with particular attention to Kongzi 孔子 and Mengzi 孟子.

The Layman said, “At this time I already knew the questions asked by Fan Chi 樊遲 when he encountered the old man carrying a pole and a basket. ’” When he completed his essay, his fellow students praised the work. ” Li not only plays with names and literary genres in order to create room for the expression of particular virtues, he also skillfully uses literary references to give depth and substance to his claims. 4 of the Analects. 4 follows: Fan Chi wanted to study how to grow grain. ” Fan Chi then wanted to study how to grow vegetables.

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