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La filosofia, II: La filosofia e le scienze by Paolo Rossi (ed.) PDF

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By Paolo Rossi (ed.)

ISBN-10: 8811250927

ISBN-13: 9788811250920

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Indeed, you threaten to take away my prize yourself, for which I have worked hard, and the sons of the Achaeans gave it to me. My prize never equals yours, whenever the Achaeans sack a well-built citadel of the Trojans. But my hands carry on the greater share of furious battle; but whenever the distribution comes, you get a prize that is much greater, while I return to my ships worn out from fighting, with some small but precious thing. 122–4, 161–8) Achilles was making an argument about the injustice of Agamemnon’s seizure of his legitimate prize of war.

10 The egalitarian response centered on the small farmers who served as hoplite soldiers and voters in the assembly. ” They were in fact in the middle ranges of the economic hierarchy, but their “middling” position was an ideological construct that created an ethical space for them apart from both the very wealthy and the very poor. 12). This laudatory reference to the “middle” implies that Phocylides wants to live the public life of the polis, to be publicly accountable for the distributive choices he advocates, and to be separate from and more politically virtuous than the upper and lower fringes of the hierarchy.

From our perspective, Sparta looks more like a militaristic camp posing as a polis, than a political culture in which human well being, in any diverse and rich sense, might be achieved. Sparta’s highly militaristic culture gave this polis pride of place in courage and manliness. The virtue of courage was the quintessential excellence of the early Greek polis, so much so that the generic Greek word for “virtue,” aretê, usually means “courage” or “bravery” in early Greek poetry. The Homeric heroes had welldeveloped conceptions of this paramount virtue.

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La filosofia, II: La filosofia e le scienze by Paolo Rossi (ed.)

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