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John Irwin's Jail : Managing the Underclass in American Society PDF

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By John Irwin

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Combining vast interviews together with his personal adventure as an inmate, John Irwin constructs a strong and picture description of the big-city reformatory. not like prisons, which incarcerate convicted felons, jails basically confine arrested folks no longer but charged or convicted of any critical crime. Irwin argues that instead of controlling the disreputable, detention center disorients and degrades those humans, indoctrinating new recruits to the rabble type. In a forceful end, Irwin addresses the difficulty of detention center reform and the problem of social keep watch over demanded by means of society. Reissued greater than two decades after its preliminary ebook with a brand new foreword by means of Jonathon Simon, The reformatory remains a unprecedented account of the function jails play in America’s difficulty of mass incarceration.

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18 WHO IS ARRESTED? Table I 19 Distribution ofCharges in the Felony Sample ( /00 arrests) Narcotics law violation Burglary Assault Grand theft Autotheft Unarmed robbery Receiving stolen property Armed robbery 30 14 12 10 5 5 5 4 Forgery Rape Murder Fraud Gambling law violation Child molesting Attempted murder Weapons law violation Drunk driving 3 2 l 4 Note: This distribution of charges compares closely with the distribution of arrests nationwide, which indicates that this San Francisco sample is not notably skewed; for a distribution of the major crimes from the records compiled by the Uniform Crime Reports Section of the FBI, see James Eisenstein and Herbert Jacob, Felony Justice, p.

0. M. 's wife's car. They found a similar model car a few blocks away and were breaking into it to steal the part when they were caught by the police. They were both drunk. M. 5. 7 Note: The scores assigned to five acts in the national survey of crime severity, conducted in 1980 by Marvin E. 14 A person disturbs the neighborhood with noisy behavior. 93 A person snatches a handbag containing ten dollars from a victim on the street. 27 A person threatens to harm a victim unless the victim gives him money.

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