Audrey Terras's Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces—Higher Rank Spaces, PDF

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By Audrey Terras

ISBN-10: 1493934066

ISBN-13: 9781493934065

ISBN-10: 1493934082

ISBN-13: 9781493934089

This textual content is an creation to harmonic research on symmetric areas, targeting complex issues similar to larger rank areas, confident certain matrix house and generalizations. it's meant for starting graduate scholars in arithmetic or researchers in physics or engineering. As with the introductory publication entitled "Harmonic research on Symmetric areas - Euclidean house, the sector, and the Poincaré higher part aircraft, the fashion is casual with an emphasis on motivation, concrete examples, heritage, and purposes. The symmetric areas thought of listed below are quotients X=G/K, the place G is a non-compact genuine Lie team, reminiscent of the overall linear staff GL(n,P) of all n x n non-singular genuine matrices, and K=O(n), the maximal compact subgroup of orthogonal matrices. different examples are Siegel's top part "plane" and the quaternionic top part "plane". when it comes to the final linear crew, you will establish X with the gap Pn of n x n confident convinced symmetric matrices.

Many corrections and updates were integrated during this new version. Updates comprise discussions of random matrix idea and quantum chaos, in addition to fresh study on modular varieties and their corresponding L-functions in better rank. Many functions were additional, resembling the answer of the warmth equation on Pn, the relevant restrict theorem of Donald St.

P. Richards for Pn, effects on densest lattice packing of spheres in Euclidean house, and GL(n)-analogs of the Weyl legislations for eigenvalues of the Laplacian in airplane domains.

Topics featured through the textual content comprise inversion formulation for Fourier transforms, primary restrict theorems, basic domain names in X for discrete teams Γ (such because the modular workforce GL(n,Z) of n x n matrices with integer entries and determinant ±1), connections with the matter of discovering densest lattice packings of spheres in Euclidean area, automorphic kinds, Hecke operators, L-functions, and the Selberg hint formulation and its functions in spectral idea in addition to quantity theory.

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Hints. This result is discussed by Bochner [55, pp. 686–702], Bochner and Martin [56, pp. 90–92, 113–132], Herz [293, pp. 479–480], and Muirhead [468, p. 252]. 18 of Vol. I). 3. 4. 5. It will also be necessary when we consider analogues of Hecke’s correspondence between modular forms and Dirichlet series in later sections of this chapter and the next. 45) for €n was found in 1928 by the statistician Wishart [670]. A more general result is due to Ingham [320]. 45) in his work on quadratic forms (see [565, Vol.

139]). Polar coordinates have been very useful in multivariate statistics (see James [330] and Muirhead [468]). 3). 24 (The Invariant Volume Element in Polar Coordinates). n/; R with dk normalized so that K dk D 1. 1. Hint. xij /. dk k 1 /gŒk: is a skew-symmetric matrix. 2n nŠ/-fold covering of Pn , since the entries of a are the eigenvalues of Y D aŒk. Thus they are unique up to the action of the Weyl group W of permutations of the aj ; j D 1; 2; : : : ; n, as well as the action of the group M of orthogonal diagonal matrices.

Our remarks on p. 131 of Vol. I). In particular, there is a lot of work on spherical functions that does not discuss differential equations at all. For p-adic groups, this 1 The Space Pn of Positive n 28 n Matrices may be a good idea, but I don’t think it is so clever to forget about differential operators entirely—even if they may be ugly and/or hairy. Anyway, in this section we want to discuss the integral operators that can be used to replace the differential operators. 7 of Volume I. Of course, these convolution operators will be of central importance for analysis on Pn and on fundamental domains thereof, just as in Chapter 3, Vol.

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Harmonic Analysis on Symmetric Spaces—Higher Rank Spaces, Positive Definite Matrix Space and Generalizations by Audrey Terras

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