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By Elwood B Trigg

ISBN-10: 0806503793

ISBN-13: 9780806503790

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As with many peoples, charms which are intended to win love are composed largely of ingredients which we most closely associate with the human sexual organs. Consequently u'e find in GYPSY DEMONS AND DIVINITIES almost all gypsy love potions such elements as urine, menstrual blood, semen, saliva, pubic hairs and perspiration. It is a common belief among many gypsies that love may be transferred to another by the process of causing them to either eat or come into contact with such elements from the body of the one who wishes to gain that love.

Extended over the entire l':air he was also a srvere ruler and had little respect for God. {Pharoah) rvho ruled 19 GYPSY DEMONS AND DIVINITIES He would chastise his people frequently and revile God but then later pray to be forgiven. On one occasion, setting out to war, Pharaun and his army were halted in their advance by the sea. Now it happened that God loved Pharaun in spite of the fact that He was often cursed by him, so He commanded the sea to divide so that Pharaun and his armies could cross over to the other side by dry land.

The important difference, however, is that in magic the spirit world is under the direct supervision of man. By the performance of appropriate rites and ceremonies these spiritual powers can be turned to the practical purpose of man. This is not to say that the spirit world does not occasionally take its own initiative-among some peoples it often does. Whether or not man can perform a rite or ceremony whicir guarantees the return of the spiritual activity to human control is most irnportant, for there lies the borderline betrveen magic and religion.

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