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Download e-book for kindle: Etica E Innovacion Tecnologica (Spanish Edition) by Fernando Lolas

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By Fernando Lolas

ISBN-10: 9561905485

ISBN-13: 9789561905481

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And I. Beck. 1991. Social work practice with dementia patients in adult day care. In Social work practice with the elderly, eds. J. D. Feit. 191-217. Toronto: Canadian Scholars' Press. Ngan, R. 1990a. The availability of informal support networks to the Chinese elderly in Hong Kong and its implications for practice. Hong Kong Journal of Gerontology 4 (2): 19-27. 1990b. Informal caring networks among Chinese families in Hong Kong. D. ) Hong Kong: Department of Social Work, the University of Hong Kong.

G. Banziger and Roush 1983; Hendy 1987; Mayhew 1988; Winkler et al. g. Ory and Goldberg 1983; Mahalski et al. 1988; Robins et al. 1991; Miller et al. 1992). In general, the findings have produced mixed results. Although the results are not always consistent that pets enhance the morale of the elderly and benefit their well-being, no studies have suggested that pets have any negative impacts on the elderly. This case study on elderly bird-keepers in Hong Kong intends to explore beyond whether keeping birds enhances the quality of life of the elderly, but also to their bird-keeping behaviour in relation to their lives, and social and cultural environment, which is often overlooked in the study of gerontology.

Older workers are less competitive in the market because younger workers are more likely to have had more job-specific schooling to meet those requirements. Furthermore, modernization is so widespread that no part in the world is left unaffected. Goldstein and Beall (1981 and 1982) find that adult Sherpa children in Nepal who could not find work there are forced to engage in wage-labour work in Darjeeling, India. This outward migration upsets the traditional family structure. And they cannot fulfil their family duties of looking after their elders.

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Etica E Innovacion Tecnologica (Spanish Edition) by Fernando Lolas

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