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Betty J. Gaffney, Harris J. Silverstone (auth.), Lawrence J.'s EMR of Paramagnetic Molecules PDF

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By Betty J. Gaffney, Harris J. Silverstone (auth.), Lawrence J. Berliner, Jacques Reuben (eds.)

ISBN-10: 030644397X

ISBN-13: 9780306443978

ISBN-10: 1461528925

ISBN-13: 9781461528920

Published as a spouse to quantity 12, the present quantity provides the newest advances in electron paramagnetic resonance of iron proteins, metalloproteins, and loose radicals. The publication encompasses a diskette containing courses for iron ERP spectral simulation and ENDOR analyses.

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We calculate the resonance field for the m = ±! doublet at equally spaced values of the angle 0. Then we plot versus the resonance magnetic field both the angle 0 and the transition probability factor [Eq. (30) multiplied by sin 0, which comes from the volume element sin 0 dO when the average over angle is computed], as shown in Fig. 7c. The strong feature at g' = 6 (B = 110 mT) is the consequence of the pile-up of resonance fields at 0 = 90°. That is, the resonance field is stationary at o = 90° (dB re.!

The separation is given in GHz. Thus, to find the resonance fields for a given spectrometer frequency, one draws a horizontal line at that frequency, and the resonance fields occur where the separation between two levels crosses the horizontal spectrometer-frequency line. At 9 GHz, five transitions are encountered. If the states are labeled in increasing order of energy in the 30° plot in Fig. 6, then the transitions, in the order encountered, are 5 -+ 6, 3 -+ 4, 1 -+ 2 (the three Kramers doublets) and then 2 -+ 3 twice.

But, practically, the microwave frequency at which transitions occur is kept constant, and the static magnetic field is swept. Theoretical determination of the resonance magnetic fields then requires solving the implicit Eq. (42) for Bres • This can be done in two steps. First, calculate the transition frequencies at a sequence of magnetic fields to locate two fields at which the calculated transition frequencies using Eq. (42) bracket the experimental Po. Then find the root that lies between these two values of B by an iterative procedure, such as iterative bisection, which converges linearly and always works, or Newton-Raphson (secant) iteration, which converges quadratically, but which sometimes does not converge properly.

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EMR of Paramagnetic Molecules by Betty J. Gaffney, Harris J. Silverstone (auth.), Lawrence J. Berliner, Jacques Reuben (eds.)

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