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Ecto-ATPases: Recent Progress on Structure and Function - download pdf or read online

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By Agnes K. Nagy (auth.), Liselotte Plesner, Terence L. Kirley, Aileen F. Knowles (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461377293

ISBN-13: 9781461377290

ISBN-10: 1461559553

ISBN-13: 9781461559559

Exto-ATPase: Characterization and Localization. Ecto-ATPases of the fearful method; A.K. Nagy. facts for Ectonucleotidases within the Guinea-Pig Cochlea: In Vivo and in Vitro Biochemical reports; S.M.Vlajkovic, et al.Ecto-ATPase: Purification and Sequencing. Purification, Characterization, and Molecular Cloning of the fowl Gizzard gentle Muscle Ecto-ATPase; T.L. Kirley, J.G. Stout. a technique for Monoclonal Antibody construction to Ecto-ATPases; R.S. Strobel, M.D.Rosenberg.Ecto-ATPases: functionality and Pathology. Immunochemical Expression of Ecto-ATP-Diphosphohydrolase in Experimental and scientific ailment; W.W. Bakker, et al. keep an eye on of Platelet Reactivity via an cto-ADPase on Human Edonthelial Cells; A.J. Marcus, et al.Interrelationship of Ecto-ATPase and Purinoceptor Function. P2 Nucleotide Receptor constitution and serve as; G.A. Weisman, et al. Ectonucleotidases and Purinoceptors within the Cochlea and Their Putative position in listening to; P.R. Thorne, et al.Other proper telephone SurfaceProteins. Ubiquitous Expression of the beta-Subunit of H+-Transporting ATP Synthase at the floor of Tumor Cells: attainable Roles in Tumorigenesis and Immune Surveillance; B. Das, etal. 26 extra Articles. Index.

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The reactions on pig aortic endothelial cells show no evidence of preferential delivery of products to be substrates of the next enzyme, and no unexpectedly high Km's for in- 30 L. L. Siakey et al. bulk surface Figure 3. Two compartment model for ATP hydrolysis at cell surfaces. b = bulk; a = surface; Kb and K, are the first order rate constants for transfer of material from bulk and surface phases. (Reprinted with permission of 1. Bioi. Chern. [1989] 264, 18993-18995). itial substrates 7• On aortic smooth muscle cells, on the other hand, it was clear that the rate of adenosine production from ATP or ADP was enhanced compared to predictions made from the Km's and Vma,s of each component reaction studied with its own substrate initially.

3. Naito Y and Lowenstein 1M. 1985. 5' -nucleotidase from rat heart membranes. Biochem J 226:64H51. 4. Widnell CC. 1974. Purification of rat liver 5' -nucleotidase as a complex with sphingomyelin. Methods EnzymoI32:368-374. 5. Domand 1, Bonnafaus 1-C, Favero 1 and Mani 1-C. 1982. Ecto-5'-nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase activities of lymphoid cells. Biochem Med 28: 144-156. 6. Pearson 1, Carleton lS, and Gordon lL. 1980. Metabolism of adenine nucleotides by ectoenzymes ofvascular endothelial cells in culture.

Laemmli, 1970, Cleavage of structural proteins during the assembly of the head of bacteriophage. Nature. 227:680-685. 17. OJ. Bjerrum and C. ) pp315. VerlagChemie, Weinhem. 4 THE HYDROLYSIS OF EXTRACELLULAR ADENINE NUCLEOTIDES BY CULTURED VASCULAR CELLS AND CARDIAC MYOCYTES L. L. Slakey, E. S. Dickinson, S. J. Goldman, E. L. Gordon, P. Meghji, and J. D. Pearson Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts 01003 and Vascular Research Centre Biomedical Sciences Division Kings College London London W8 7AH, United Kingdom We have studied the extracellular reaction sequence ATP -+ ADP -+ AMP ~} adenosine, from the point of view that it is important in the regulation of the time course of cell and tissue response during crisis or signaling events.

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Ecto-ATPases: Recent Progress on Structure and Function by Agnes K. Nagy (auth.), Liselotte Plesner, Terence L. Kirley, Aileen F. Knowles (eds.)

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