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New PDF release: Dio's Roman history 6, [Books LI-LV]

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By Cary, Earnest; Dio Cassius; Foster, Herbert Baldwin

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This was the disposition he made of such captives and in the case of the Egyptians and Alexandrians, he spared them all, so that none perished. The truth was that he did not see fit to inflict any irreparable injury upon a people so numerous, who might prove very useful to the Romans in many vays nevertheless, he offered as a pretext for his kindness their god Serapis, their founder Alexander, and, in the third place, their fellow-citizen Areius, of whose learning and companionship he availed himself.

Re ro iTpo<^ ^;' ^ eiTTaiae, 4 €^< yap €<; yap - hia 6 - iyivovTO, 5 , ,^ yr}^ ^. },, , , , ^ . , €, Ay7v VM. V. BOOK agcainst them a LI 8 large force both of ships and of unable even to talk with them, although he approached their ramparts and raised a mighty shout for Gallus ordered his trumpeters to sound their instruments all together and gave no one a chance to hear a \vord. Moreinfantry. Nev^ertheless, he ; over^ Antony also failed in a suffered a reverse with his sudden assault and ships as Avell.

8 ^ Kat ^, , 8,^ - , , . ,, ' , 8, , ayyv- iXiriha ^ 36 , 8 -^ . 57}7] R. " She was greatly distressed because he would neither look at her nor say anything about the kingdom nor even utter a word of love, and falling at his knees, she said Avith an outburst of sobbing: "I neither But this favour wish to live nor can I live, Caesar. I beg of you in memory of your father, that, since Heaven gave me to Antony after him, I may also Would that I had perished then, die with Antony. " Such words she uttered, expecting to move him to pity, but Caesar made no answer to them fearing, however, that she might destroy herself, he exhorted her again to be of good cheer, and not only did not remove any of her attendants but also took special care of her, that she might add brilliance to his triumph.

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Dio's Roman history 6, [Books LI-LV] by Cary, Earnest; Dio Cassius; Foster, Herbert Baldwin

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