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Adrian Williamson's Conservative Economic Policymaking and the Birth of PDF

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By Adrian Williamson

ISBN-10: 1137342242

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In this ebook, Adrian Williamson investigates the approaches wherein Thatcherism turned tested in Tory considering, and inquiries to what volume the flesh presser herself is answerable for Thatcherism in the Conservative Party.

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How, who and what? This growth in demand had not arisen by accident. Unemployment had reached one million in early 1972. 92 What was evident, in the light of subsequent debates, was that Heath did not stumble blindly towards the economic policies that were so savagely excoriated by Powell and others. The single-minded pursuit of growth, the refusal to tolerate even modest levels of unemployment (by post-1979 standards), and a relaxed attitude to monetary policy were explicit and central policy goals.

However, they had not then discovered Thatcherism. On a range of issues – in particular public spending, industrial strategy and anti-inflation policy – they had formed no clear view in the 1960s. It took the traumas of the 1970s for them to make up their minds. As regards the processes by which Thatcherism took root, we will also present a more nuanced account. In relation to their core supplyside agenda, Conservative politicians arrived at, and imposed, their own views. To some extent, events, and wider opinion, moved in the Party’s direction.

104 As John Wood, Deputy Director of the IEA, put it, the organisation made ‘the “unthinkable”... 105 The literature also depicts the British think tanks as part of a wider international neo-liberal movement, which swept all before it. 106 Of course, some have questioned the significance of the think tanks. Hames and Feasey argue that the British system is inherently more Introduction 15 resistant to outside influence than the much more permeable American structures. 109 One could also take, even from the more celebratory literature, the point that it is rather parochial to concentrate on the IEA and the like.

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Conservative Economic Policymaking and the Birth of Thatcherism, 1964–1979 by Adrian Williamson

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