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New PDF release: Confucianism and the Family

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By George A. De Vos, Walter H. Slote

ISBN-10: 0791437353

ISBN-13: 9780791437353

ISBN-10: 0791437361

ISBN-13: 9780791437360

The relatives is principal to societies which have been profoundly motivated by way of the Confucian, and later Neo-Confucian, mandate. This ebook examines the character of family members continuities and the inner relations social and mental dynamics in societies that contain the Confucian center of Asia, specifically China (including Taiwan), Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore. Confucian principles are mentioned from different views: faith, philosophy, and background; anthropology and sociology; psychology, psychoanalysis, and psychiatry. either abiding mental and social similarities in addition to cultural modifications are addressed. the quantity offers insights on either the optimistic social cohesiveness chanced on inside Asian households and at the attainable tensions or even psychopathological responses that could be engendered inside of a latest Confucian family members. moreover, the paintings explores the typical Confucian family-cultural history that has to be understood to interpret either the scholastic and entrepreneurial good fortune of East Asians at any place they've got settled within the Americas and the new monetary push of their homelands.

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Extra resources for Confucianism and the Family

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The I Ching.  Self and Society in Ming Thought.  The Unfolding of Neo­Confucianism.  Principle and Practicality: Essays in Neo­Confucianism and Practical Learning.  Yuan Thought: Chinese Thought and Religion under the Mongols.  The Rise of Neo­Confucianism in Korea.  Instructions for Practical Living and Other Neo­Confucian Writings by Wan Yang­ming.  The Last Confucian: Liang Shu­ming and the Chinese Dilemma of Modernity.  Wang Kuo­wei: An Intellectual Biography.  Hsun Yueh: The Life and Reflection of an Early Medieval Confucian.

A man extraordinarily dedicated to learning (he is said to have been so absorbed in his studies that for three years he did not even glance at the garden in front of him and with a strong commitment to moral idealism (one of his often­quoted dicta is "rectifying rightness without scheming for profit; enlightening his Way without calculating efficaciousness"), Tung was instrumental in developing a characteristically Han interpretation of the Confucian project.  The moral to draw from this metaphysics of consanguinity is that human actions have cosmic consequences.

The Rise of Neo­Confucianism in Korea.  Instructions for Practical Living and Other Neo­Confucian Writings by Wan Yang­ming.  The Last Confucian: Liang Shu­ming and the Chinese Dilemma of Modernity.  Wang Kuo­wei: An Intellectual Biography.  Hsun Yueh: The Life and Reflection of an Early Medieval Confucian.  Chiao Hung and the Restructuring of Neo­Confucianism in the Late Ming.  Religious Trends in Modern China. ).  Source Book in Chinese Philosophy.  Chus Hsi and Neo­Confucianism.  Liang Ch'i­ch'ao and the Intellectual Transition in China, I890­1907.

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Confucianism and the Family by George A. De Vos, Walter H. Slote

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