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Collected Works 14 - The New Mind - download pdf or read online

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By J. Krishnamurti

Is it attainable to stay with no clash? probably this can be a theoretical query, however it demanding situations the brain that's proficient to simply accept clash as a common a part of residing. finally, as Krishnamurti explains, the serious value of that problem isn't to reply to sure or no to the potential of a existence with out clash: “When you procedure an issue, you begin with the truth that there's clash, and also you start to inquire if it is attainable to finish it, neither accepting that it may be ended nor saying that it can't be ended. Your brain is then capable of examine the very fact; and that's what we needs to determine among us.”

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In that there is tremendous sorrow for a man who observes all these. And you have to solve that sorrow also, to end it, so that the mind becomes innocent. It is only the innocent mind that has lived a thousand experiences and yet is free - it is only that innocent mind that can see the ultimate, the extraordinary thing called the nameless. November 3, 1963 NEW DELHI 5TH PUBLIC TALK 6TH NOVEMBER 1963 To commune with each other our minds must be at the same level with the same intensity, and we must have the same urgency.

I am not using the word `authority' in the legalistic sense; but by that word I mean authority as tradition, authority as knowledge, authority as experience, authority as the means of finding security and remaining in that security, outwardly or inwardly, because, after all, that is what the mind is always seeking - a place where it can be secure, undisturbed. Such authority may be the self-imposed authority of an idea or the so-called religious idea of God which has no reality to a religious person.

The answer is in the problem itself - how we understand it, how we approach it, what we do and how we act with that problem. When a mind seeks an answer, a solution to this extraordinary, human, psychological, complex problem, there is no answer. What we have to do is to understand the problem, to investigate it, to go into it with all our being, and to go into it completely, totally. We cannot approach it with a fragmentary mind, a mind that has divided life into the economic world and the spiritual world, that avoids the one and goes off to the other, denies the one and accepts the other.

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Collected Works 14 - The New Mind by J. Krishnamurti

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