C# Programmer's Handbook by Gregory S. Macbeth PDF

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By Gregory S. Macbeth

ISBN-10: 1590592700

ISBN-13: 9781590592700

Speedy and simple to exploit, this reference offers a close exam of the C# language as utilized in .NET improvement for either the present model of .NET (1.1), and imminent model 2.0.

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PadLeft(5)); } } } String Formatting The Parse method allows numeric types to be converted from string types. AllowThousands); This example converts the string 23,456 to an int of 23456. C# provides several built-in ways to format a string. For example, let's say we have an int with a value of 100 and we wish to present this value to the user as currency.

Dequeue(); If you want to clear the whole Queue at once, you can use the Clear method. Clear(); The following example demonstrates how to use Queues. Clear(); } } } Stacks A Stack represents a simple last-in, first-out (LIFO) collection of type. A Stack is implemented as a circular buffer, where the last item in is always the first item out. Caution Like a Queue, a Stack is not thread-safe, and it requires the Synchronize method to prevent simultaneous access. To create a new Stack, you must declare and pass it the number of items that you expect to add to the Stack, like this: Stack a = new Stack(10); int x = 0; To add items, call the Push method, passing it the item to be added to the Stack as the first parameter.

If the finalizer is called, only unmanaged resources are freed. Disposed) { if(disposing) { //Free any managed resources. 46 Chapter 5: Building Your Own Classes Chapter 5: Building Your Own Classes 47 } //Free unmanaged resources. } Disposed = true; } //This finalizer method is called by the GC, //not the user. The net result of having this is that //the object will always survive the first GC cycle and //will be collected the next time GC1 is collected. ~DTOR() { Dispose(false); } } } Passing by Value and by Reference Arguments can be passed in two fashions: by value or reference.

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