Download e-book for kindle: C# Deconstructed Discover How C# Works on the .Net by Mohammad Rahman

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By Mohammad Rahman

The fundamental operational layout of a working laptop or computer approach is named its structure. John von Neumann, a pioneer in desktop layout, is credited with the structure of so much pcs in use this present day. a customary von Neumann method has 3 significant elements: the relevant processing unit (CPU), or microprocessor actual reminiscence and input/output
(I/O). In von Neumann structure (VNA) machines, reminiscent of the 80x86 family members, the CPU is the place the entire computations of any purposes happen. An software is just a mix of computer directions and knowledge. To be completed through the CPU, an program must stay in actual reminiscence. normally, the appliance software is written utilizing a mechanism known as programming language. to appreciate how any given programming language works, it is very important know the way it interacts with the working method (OS), software program that manages the underlying and that offers providers to the appliance, in addition to how the CPU executes purposes. during this bankruptcy, you'll research the fundamental structure of the CPU (microcode, guide set) and the way it executes directions, fetching them from reminiscence. you are going to then learn the way reminiscence works, how the OS manages the CPU and reminiscence, and the way the OS deals a layer of abstraction to a programming language. ultimately, the sections on language assessment offers you a high-level evaluate of the way C# and customary language runtime (CLR) advanced and the explanation they're wanted.

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In this chapter, you will learn about the assembly. What Is the Assembly? NET Framework an assembly exists in two forms: executable (EXE) and dynamic link library (DLL). NET framework. exe) is a form of EXE assembly (see Listing 3-1). Assemblies targeting the CLI contain code in CIL. NET, and at runtime is compiled into native code by the JIT compiler. An assembly always contains a manifest that specifies • Version, name, culture, and security requirements for the assembly. • Which other files, if any, belong to the assembly, along with a cryptographic hash of each file; the manifest itself resides in the metadata part of a file, and that file is always part of the assembly.

00 00 00 00 02 00 00 01 ........ ú%3.... This hexadecimal output shows that the first 4 bytes, 6C 00 00 00, refer to the offset of this stream and are followed by another 4 bytes representing the size of the stream and an 8-byte string referring to its name. As per its definition, this #~ stream will start from the metadata root addition to the offset defined in the stream headers section. The #~ stream has an offset of 6C, and the metadata root starts at 28C, so the #~ stream will start at metadata root + 6C = 28C + 6C = 2F8.

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