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Beta Decay / Betazerfall - download pdf or read online

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By O. Kofoed-Hansen, C. J. Christensen (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

ISBN-10: 3642459811

ISBN-13: 9783642459818

ISBN-10: 3642459838

ISBN-13: 9783642459832

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1) only if electrons have actually been observed at the energy in question because in the case of a finite neutrino rest mass the spectrum drops to zero with vertical tangents. A fool-proof example is provided by the decay of H3 where electrons of 17kev energy have certainly been observed and where the Q value of the reaction H3 (p, n) He3 [4] shows that the mass difference in question is (18 ± 1) kev. Thus it may safely be concluded that the neutrino rest mass is smaller than 2 kev or in units of electron rest mass, that it is smaller than 1/250 of the electron rest mass.

I o ! I , ! I 5 , I , 1 ! Oem. Fig. 26. The recoU spectrometer used by MAXSOM. ALUM and ]EMTSCHIa In their Investigation of Ne". (A1ter D. R. MAXSON. J. S. ALutM and W. K. N. oullet ofrol! diffusion pump pump F~. 27. ,U experiment. L. GooD and E . J. ) 28 O. KOFOED-HANSEN and C. 1. CHRISTENSEN: Experiments on p-Decay. Sect. 6. Pig. 28. meot. on All. Ne". Ne" aod He'. S. Au..... L. N. W. B. Ha..... 'rZLDT. P. R. ) plate (shown in" out" position) stops recoils from the good source volume. 4 Mev).

12 gives a histogram of loglo It values for some p-transitions, the spin sequences of which are known. It is seen that the classification according to It value is not very safe. g. the allowed and the first forbidden groups strongly overlap. In Fig. 39 the histogram is separated in different components. Fig. g. G. E. OwEN and C. S. COOK: Rev. Sci. Instrum. 20, 768 (1949). Sect. 9. 41 General discussion of shape measurements. 0-')-0 (no parity shift) transitions (both superallowed) respectively.

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Beta Decay / Betazerfall by O. Kofoed-Hansen, C. J. Christensen (auth.), S. Flügge (eds.)

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