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By Victoria C. Stead

ISBN-10: 082485666X

ISBN-13: 9780824856663

Across Melanesia, the ways that humans connect with land are being remodeled by way of tactics of modernization globalization, the construction of states and international locations, practices and imaginaries of improvement, the legacies of colonialism, and the complexities of postcolonial encounters. Melanesian peoples have gotten landowners, Stead argues, either within the feel that those procedures of swap compel sorts of estate kinfolk, and within the feel that landowner and customized landowner develop into identities to be wielded opposed to the encroachment of either kingdom and capital. In areas the place usual different types of land tenure have lengthy been dominant, deeply intertwined with senses of self and relationships with others, land now turns into a crucible upon which social family, strength, and tradition are reconfigured and reimagined.

Employing a multi-sited ethnographic procedure, turning into Landowners explores those ameliorations to land and existence as they spread throughout Melanesian nations. The chapters movement among coasts and inland mountain levels, among city facilities and rural villages, telling the tales of individuals and locations who're continuously located and specific yet who additionally proportion strong commonalities of expertise. those contain a subsistence-based group formed through the legacies of colonialism and profession in distant Timor-Leste, villagers in Papua New Guinea resisting a mining operation and the govt. brokers helping it, an city East Timorese payment resisting eviction by way of the countryside its citizens was hoping may signify them within the post-independence period, and folks and teams in either nations who're suffering for, with, and occasionally opposed to the formal codification in their claims to land and position. In each one of those situations, common and smooth different types of connection to land are propelled into complicated and dynamic configurations, theorized right here in an cutting edge method as entanglements of customized and modernity.

Moving among a number of websites, scales, and varieties of collectivity, changing into Landowners unearths entanglements as areas of deep ambivalence. the following, constructions of energy are destabilized in ways in which can lend themselves to the diminishing of neighborhood autonomy within the face of the country and capital. even as, the destabilization of strength additionally creates new chances for the reassertion of that autonomy, and of the typical types of connection to land during which it's grounded.


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