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Antisemitism: A Reference Handbook - download pdf or read online

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By Jerome A. Chanes

ISBN-10: 1576072096

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Antisemitism: A Reference instruction manual is the 1st reference paintings to provide a world survey of antisemitism that is going past its background to bare the roots and nature of antisemitism. Exploring how antisemitism has manifested itself in a variety of international locations from pre-Christian occasions to trendy ongoing Palestinian Intifada, which has triggered serious reactions in Arab and Muslim groups around the world, this targeted paintings strains the historical past of the hatred of Jews worldwide.Approximately 20 biographical sketches profile advocates of antisemitism comparable to William Marr, who coined the time period "antisemitism," and competitors of antisemitism reminiscent of St. Anselm and Martin Luther King. during this severe but obtainable quantity, scholars, students, govt officers, and diplomats will notice the solutions to such complicated questions as "What is antisemitism?" and "How does antisemitism relate to racism and to workforce prejudice in general?"

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Perlmutter Institute for Jewish Advocacy, Brandeis University. Wieseltier, Leon. 2003. ” YIVO Conference on Antisemitism, New York, 12 May 2003 (unpublished address). 2 Historical Narrative and Chronology The Ancient World A ntisemitism is not, contrary to conventional wisdom, as old as the Jews themselves. While living in a homeland of their own and developing their own civilization, the Jews of ancient Israel encountered the rivalries and even hostilities that were and are normal among peoples and powers in a given region.

It is useful to place contemporary counteraction of antisemitism in the context of responses to antisemitism in history. ”) were hated by non-Jews. Not only was there no point in trying to fight antisemitism, argued the rabbinic leadership, but there was something somewhat impious about any such effort. The overwhelming Jewish belief was that inordinate Jewish suffering—all of the many calamities of Jewish history going back to the destruction of the Temples and even further back in history, and going forward: the Crusades, the Inquisition and expulsions, and so on—was the consequence of sinfulness.

But were the Antiochan decrees manifestations of antisemitism? Hardly; the “villains” of the narrative were the Jewish Hellenizers in Jerusalem, who sought to introduce and indeed impose secular culture. Antiochus’s actions were informed by geopolitical realties, rather than anti-Jewish animus. 2 But it was the experience during the Hellenistic period that enables us to draw a picture and develop an understanding of the alleged antipathy of Jews to other nations as well as the antipathy toward Jews that derived from Jewish social and religious practices, which is represented by the dynamic of difference: Jews were different from their neighbors and for the most part did not identify with other peoples.

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