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By William W. Malandra

ISBN-10: 0816611149

ISBN-13: 9780816611140

An advent to historical Iranian faith used to be first released in 1983. Minnesota Archive versions makes use of electronic know-how to make long-unavailable books once more available, and are released unaltered from the unique collage of Minnesota Press editions.

When Persia fell to Islam within the mid-seventh century, the traditional Iranian faith of Zoroastrianism all yet disappeared (although it's nonetheless practiced through small teams in India and Iran). As one of many dominant religions of antiquity, it motivated the Judeo- Christian culture in addition to a few different types of gnosticism. regardless of its age and venerable position within the historical past of worldwide religions, Zoroastrianism is still little identified outdoor of some philologists and historians of faith. as a result of the hassle of translation, there's little fundamental textual fabric on hand for nonspecialists; the few translations that do exist are fairly old.

In An advent to historical Iranian Religion, William Malandra presents not just glossy English translations of the sacred texts but in addition a accomplished creation to the topic of Zoroastrianism itself. In an introductory essay Malandra outlines the most good points of Zoroastrianism in its old, cultural, and non secular surroundings. His new translations of readings from the Avesta, the sacred booklet of Zoroastrianism, and decisions from the Achaemenid inscriptions of the good kings Darius and Xerxes are observed by way of interpretive notes that let scholars to make their manner via this tough fabric. This ebook is, as a result, not only a suite of texts yet a selfcontained advent to Zoroastrianism that may be utilized by the nonspecialist with no recourse to extra interpretive works.

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Extra info for An Introduction to Ancient Iranian Religion: Readings from the Avesta and Achaemenid Inscriptions (Minnesota Publications in the Humanities, V. 2)

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4 could well be a continuation of st. 3, but it makes more sense to see it and st. 5 as issuing from Zarathushtra, who takes up the narration again in st. 7. To the latter is appended a question probably directed to Ahura Mazda. St. 8 is persumably spoken by Good Mind (Wohu Manah). The final two stanzas are again spoken by Zarathushtra. With the help of this outline, one can see that the Gatha takes place in the context of the two supplicants, the Cow and Zarathushtra, on the one hand, and the divine Ahuras, on the other; and, further, 35 36 I Zarathushtra that there is dialogue not only between these two levels of being but also among the Ahuras themselves.

It is openly eclectic. The Old Iranian religion that Zarathushtra sought to reform appears thinly disguised as the religion of the prophet. Everywhere one encounters the clumsy device of introducing non-Zarathushtrian materials as revelations made to Zarathushtra by Ahura Mazda. A typical example is the opening stanza of the Yasht to Mithra where "Ahura Mazda said to Zarathushtra . . " What he said, namely that he created Mithra equal to himself, would have been an outrage to Zarathushtra. The entire remainder of the hymn is a collection of material about Mithra which largely ignores Zarathushtra and Ahura Mazda.

5. ) Mazda with questions. (For, as matters now stand,) there is no possibility of) continuing life for the righteously living husbandman (residing) among Liars. 6. ): Not one (of us) has found an ahu, nor even a ratu in accordance with Truth. So, indeed, the Artificer fashioned thee for the husbandman and the herdsman. 7. ). Whom dost thou have (for us) through Good Mind, who will give us two to men? 8. Here I have found this one who alone listens to our commandments, Zarathushtra the Spitamid.

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